Weekly Update – 12/7/15

This week was a pretty decent one.  I had TWO vacation days, a spa day, and did lots of Christmas stuff.  I love this time of year!


I took Monday off. I tend to hoard my vacation time until the end of the year, then I have to use it all up before I lose it! (We can’t carry over till next year).  Mom and I did some decorating at her house, made some cookies, made chili and got a few errands done.  I went home and was pretty darn lazy until Michael came home from work.

Yoga with Jaye was pretty good.  I enjoyed the workout and felt pretty strong.


Its always hard going back to work after a vacation day.

I’ll probably write another post on this later, but I’ve been trying to do more conditioning and keeping my heart rate under 150.  My heart rate tends to race up close to my max (even when my effort is not at max), so I’m trying to condition it down.

Warmup: 1 mile on the elliptical, heart rate under 150

Workout (5 rounds):

  1. 200 meter row, under 1 minute
  2. Rest period until heart rate recovers under 125

I’ve found that I have been able to increase my speed on the elliptical and still keep my heart rate down.  Seems like it is working!


My brother was unexpectedly in town….as in he knew he’d be in town, but didn’t tell me until the day before.  We had dinner at my mom’s.  Michael had a vendor dinner, so he couldn’t join us, but it was good to see my brother and his fiancé.


I took it easy (and more honestly, lazy) and did 2 miles on the elliptical, keeping my heart rate under 150.


I had another vacation day on Friday (I told you, I hoard my days) and got a decent amount accomplished.  I got rid of an entire GIANT trash bag’s worth of clothing.  I reorganized all my drawers and my closet.  Its amazing how everything is so organized now!

I also took mom to get her car inspected – thankfully it passed (its 15 years old).  We also had a nice lunch out at Panera.

I did a little bit of cleaning and also made a dip for a party were going to.  It was a Christmas/housewarming party for our friend Shawn (he was in our wedding) and his wife.  Their new house is beautiful.  We also spent some time with some of his old coworkers that Shawn still works with.


On Saturday, the photographer that did our wedding hosted a spa day….on her!  We had to travel up to Short Pump in Richmond to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.  I got a mani/pedi and it was delightful.  I decided to get some nice red nails for Christmas (so NOT my normal style).

Michael got some Christmas shopping done while I was there.  On the way back, we made a few more pit stops and got even more shopping done.  We relaxed the rest of the day and watched 2 Christmas movies on Netflix.

The first was called Pete’s Christmas.  It was like Groundhog Day, but for a 14 year old boy’s Christmas Day.  It was cheesy, but very cute.

The second was called Silver Bells.  It was about a man who fought with a ref at his son’s basketball game and ended up having to do community service with the Salvation Army.  I really enjoyed it.  It might become a new holiday favorite!


We wrapped up almost all of our Christmas shopping…I can count on one hand what I have left to get! We did all of our grocery shopping and food prep for the week, then we went to hang out with my mom and stepdad.

How was your week?  When was the last time you went through your closet? What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 12/7/15

  1. I love that you’re watching new Christmas movies! I’ve never heard of either but might need to check those out. My favorite movie is Elf – and it’s been all over ABC Family lately!

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