Weekly Update – 11/2/15

While this may not have been a great week for workouts, I feel like I got a lot accomplished in life, and I was still able to make time to see friends!


Went to yoga on Monday as usual.  My chaturangas are getting better and I feel much stronger.  I wish I could say the same for my crescent lunges.  I have no balance in that pose!


I skipped the gym on Tuesday.  I had a really bad day at work on Tuesday and I needed to just chill at home.  It was a rough night and I was pretty grumpy.  In hindsight, a good workout might have made me feel better.


Yoga again.  This time I really needed it. My back has been really tense lately, and yoga helps me loosen up.  I spent a little more time in child’s pose this class, because I really needed my practice to be about stretching and mindfulness, more so than a workout.  I love that yoga can serve so many different purposes.


Skipped the gym again on Thursday 😦 Both Michael and I had to work late, and we had some errands to run after work.  Turned out to be a great relaxing night.


On Friday, we went out to get some Mexican food with my brother in-law.  We had a fun night with him, just catching up and spending time.


Saturday was an interesting day.  We’ve been talking about trading in Michael’s car that he leases for a more reasonably priced vehicle.  He spent the entire day looking at cars and haggling with the dealership.  We are now the proud owners of a new Honda Accord!


Our first purchase together!



It’s name is Archie.

I spent my Saturday cleaning. I did countless loads of laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, took a magic clean eraser to every mark in the house, and cleaned the fridge….among lots of other little tasks.


We went to church Sunday morning, then came home to finish chores and go grocery shopping.  After that we headed to our friend’s house.  Shawn and Megan just built a house and we got to see the finished product.  Its beautiful!  We had a great time with them – its always great to catch up with friends!

We stayed up a little to watch the Eagles/Cowboys game, but crashed early.  I was so happy to wake up this AM and see that the Eagles won!

Have you ever bought a brand new car?


One thought on “Weekly Update – 11/2/15

  1. That’s so exciting and congrats on such an awesome purchase. Sometimes workouts are not the most important thing in life and I’m glad you were successful in other things!

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