Race Recap: Crawlin Crab 5k 2015

The Crawlin Crab is one of my favorite races. I love the location and I love that its a J&A race!

Packet Pick-up/Expo

Everything was super efficient at packet pick-up; J&A races are always very well organized.  There weren’t a lot of people there.  I know this is a smaller race for them, but it felt excessively small.  Perhaps the reschedule of this race influenced that.

Race Day Conditions/Attire

The weather was amazing.  High of 65 for the day, and it was in the high 40s at the start.

I wore capris and a short sleeved shirt.  I felt great about what I chose to wore and as I warmed up, I was thankful I only wore a short sleeved shirt.


Michael and I got there in plenty of time, and he left me in search of coffee.  The great thing about Crawlin Crab is the inside bathrooms! If you are willing to wait in line, no porta-potties needed!  I caught up with my friend Allyson, then headed to the start line.

Race Time

There were only 4 corrals and I was placed in Corral 2.  I started at the back of the corral, even though I knew Corral 3 would probably catch up with me.  I decided I’d run as much as I could, but I wasn’t going to push it.

I ran the first half mile straight, then started doing intervals.  I ran 1 minute, and walked 2.  I haven’t been running at all as I work to resolve my Plantar Fasciitis issues (yes still).  The miles ticked off pretty easy when I did intervals.

I was able to see Ryan Carroll run by when the course doubled back on itself and he had the lead pretty well secured. I like out and back courses where I can see the top finishers!

My official finish was 44:37.  Honestly, its much slower than I expected (even though I didn’t run much). I thought I could speedwalk faster than that!!!

But my races this fall are not about doing well. They are about having fun and falling back in love with running.

After Party

I picked up my dry bag, then headed to the after party.  I wasn’t a huge fan of it being outside, even though the weather was nice.  At least when you are inside, you can sit on the floor and relax. It was too muddy outside for that.  They had Tomato and cheese soup from Baker’s Crust in a bread bowl as the food. YUM.


Overall Reactions

This is a fun race and it made me get excited about running again.  I’m glad I was able to do it even with the reschedule.

Did anyone run this past weekend? How was it? Do you prefer inside or outside after parties?


2 thoughts on “Race Recap: Crawlin Crab 5k 2015

  1. Tomato soup in a bread bowl after a race sounds so good! Especially in those temps (warm enough to be outside but cool enough to where soup tastes good). Almost all of our post-race parties are outside but that’s SC for ya. We have a few that are indoors but most race venues and courses here don’t have indoor facilities for that. Covered shelters sometimes at a park or something.

    I’m glad you had fun at the race even if it wasn’t your best time. You still completed it and earned your medal as much as anyone else did!

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