Weekly Update – 10/5/15

This was a pretty decent week, nothing too crazy out of the ordinary.  Its been nice to have some relaxing weekends lately, cause work has been a bit stressful.


Body Flow with Jamie.  I think this is the last week until Jaye comes back and we start doing yoga again.  I’m kind of getting used to Body Flow, its not too bad!


Warmup: Foam Roll

Conditioning: 10 minutes on elliptical

Three Rounds:

  1. 500 Meter Row
  2. 10 KB Goblet Squats (20 lbs)


Stretch and Strengthen class.  I am starting to enjoy this class as well, and its the last week before Jaye returns.  This class was a little more relaxed than normal – I actually wanted to do more core work this class and she didn’t do any.


It was such a nice day on Thursday, I couldn’t bring myself to go to the gym.  Michael and I went for a walk around the neighborhood instead.  It was just over 1.5 miles, but it was really nice just to enjoy the cooler weather.


Just a chill night.  Michael and I just stayed in and watched a movie.


On Saturday, Michael was a trooper.  I got up and mowed the lawn and cleaned up the flowerbeds, while he went to get a haircut.  As I write that sentence, it seems very backward. Shouldn’t I be the one getting a haircut and him doing the lawn? 🙂  Then he came back, we both got ourselves showered and ready for the day, then we headed off to get some errands done.  We took stuff to donate (and get it OUT of the house).  Then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and finished off our registry.  After that, we made a dreaded Walmart trip to get some essentials. It was a busy day!


On Sunday, we went to church, lunch, then made a visit to the other side of the city to look a builder’s model home.  We are hoping and dreaming for a future home and we wanted to check out their work.  They are just starting to clear land for a development right down the street from us, so we are getting excited!

How was your week? Who does the mowing in your household?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 10/5/15

  1. My husband definitely does the mowing! And he’s bald (shaves his head) so he doesn’t get haircuts.

    I used to do BodyFlow more often (my gym only has it once a week), and it’s a fun class. It is definitely not “easy” but it can really work your core. My last gym replaced ALL yoga with BodyFlow, though, and I really didn’t like that. I also spent a bunch of time cleaning things to donate this weekend too, it’s nice to have things cleaned out around the house.

    • Lucky duck! Although, I can’t complain, we have a pretty small yard. I really did start to like Body Flow. All the other times the class is offered is during the day when I’m at work, so I’m going to have to just miss it! I don’t think I’d be happy about all yoga being replaced with BodyFlow. A mix of both is nice.

      Isn’t it WONDERFUL to get rid of stuff? I’ve already started another pile….

  2. My husband did the mowing but now that we moved, we actually have that completely taken care of. It’s so nice. I’m glad you had a decent week of training. It sounds like things are finally simmering down for you!

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