Fair weather runner – tips needed!

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’m a fair weather runner/walker/exerciser.  I don’t run outdoors when its raining.  That’s what they make treadmills for.  I’ve been extremely blessed on race day – I’ve never had to run a race in the rain.  I had a race cancelled for rain and rescheduled for the next week.  I’ve run in cold, wind, and finished a race and had it rain immediately after, but never run a race in the rain.

However, it seems my day will finally be here!

On Saturday I’ll be walking (lets be honest, I won’t be running after not training!) the Crawlin Crab 5k.  Right now, the forecast doesn’t look so good.  Assuming they don’t cancel, I’ll be doing this race in the rain.

I know that I’ll need to check a dry bag so that I have dry clothes afterward, but to be honest, I’m pretty clueless about everything else!

Any advice for how to dress? How do I avoid blisters if my socks and shoes are soaked? 

5 thoughts on “Fair weather runner – tips needed!

  1. I have also been blessed with good weather for my races, but I have run in the rain a bit and never gotten blisters from my socks or shoes in rain or dry conditions. I think as long as your shoes are the right size and you’re wearing the right socks, you should be fine. I’d take new ones for after the race, of course, just like dry clothes. Just enjoy the race, you can control the controllables but you can’t control the weather- remember everyone else out there is dealing with the same conditions you are and have fun with it!

    • Yeah, I’ve found that if I use a little glide on my feet before I put my socks on, I don’t get blisters. I’m waiting to find out if the race is going to be postponed – this tropical storm might turn into a hurricane. They might just be crazy enough to hold a race in a hurricane though……

  2. Ditto Amy–I’ve run in rain now and then, and while everything gets wet, I’ve never gotten blisters. Bring dry things for after, but during the race, embrace it. Wear a hat, maybe a waterproof jacket if it’s cold there, but otherwise have fun with it.

  3. Make sure all of your clothing contains no cotton and you should be okay. With a 5k, just change directly afterwords. How cold is it? For me I would probably wear a light weight tank top and longer shorts/spandex with no cotton (to prevent chafing and blisters). Then cotton free socks and possibly a hat to keep the rain out of my face.

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