Weekly Update – 8/24/15

I felt really good again this week about getting to the gym so much.  I haven’t been working as much on mobility exercises on my own, so getting back to yoga on a more consistent basis has been helpful.


Yoga was great, but difficult.  Jaye wanted to keep us in warrior poses almost the entire time.  That seems to really bother my plantar fasciitis, so I was not a happy camper.


Warmed up with some foam rolling and stretching.

5 Rounds:

  1.  200 Meter Row
  2. 10 bodyweight squats

My form on my rowing must have been off, because my lower back became pretty unhappy. So, I finished up with 15 minutes on the elliptical.


We had a small class at yoga, so Jaye decided we’d do partner work.  I’m not a huuuuge fan of it, but the woman I was partnered with was very nice.  We also did legs up the wall for final relaxation, which for some reason I didn’t like.  But yay for trying something new!


I worked from home on Thursday, which meant that by the time I got to the gym, I was feeling extroverted and had a lot of energy.  I decided not to go crazy though, because I didn’t want to hurt myself!

Warmup: Foam roll and 1/2 mile on the elliptical

3 Rounds:

  1. 10 half kneeling off-set overhead press (each side)
  2. 10 plank rows (each side)

Then I just did a single round of single leg deadlifts (10 each side).  I haven’t done them in awhile, and when I start doing them again, they tend to hurt my back.

3 Rounds:

  1. TRX rows
  2. TRX pushups


On Friday, Michael and I spent the night in and watched movies on Netflix.


Saturday morning was relatively lazy, but then we went to a big family picnic at work.  They had food, games for the kids, etc.  It was a great time to hang out with people from work in a non-work setting.  After that, we headed to a family friend’s house to sit on their back deck with my mom and stepdad.  They live on the water and it was a beautiful night!


On Sunday, we had church, then we headed to our friend’s house for our church Fantasy football draft.  I am less than pleased with my team. We’ll see what happens though!

How was your week? Do you play fantasy football?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 8/24/15

  1. I have a Fantasy team too and like you I’m not a huge fan of my team. Hopefully they will be okay or I can trade some players or something. I don’t know a whole lot about NFL but I don’t think all of my guys are very good, lol. Glad you got so many workouts in last week!

  2. Rowing is a hard workout. I’m glad you had a good week of working out.

    I’m not into football whether it’s fantasy or the NFL. I try to since I do live so close to Philly LOL. Plus Eagles fans are kind of intense…

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