Weekly Update – 8/10/15


I mowed the lawn after work and STUPIDLY didn’t put on bug spray.  I paid for it hardcore with several dozen bites on the back of my legs.  So itchy!


Warmup: 10 minutes elliptical


  1. 1 minute ReACT trainer, 5 pushups (x5)
  2. 200 meter row, 10 KB swings (x5)

I’ve noticed when I do the ReACT that my hip flexors have weakened up quite a bit and I’ve lost some of my flexibility and mobility in my hips.  I need to go back to yoga – that will help loosen them up.


I finally went to yoga! Jaye was a little tough on us, but it was a good class. My hips are super tight.


I spend a lot of time foam rolling and stretching.  For some reason, when I foam roll, I tend to neglect my IT band.  When I rolled them for the first time in ages, they hurt so bad!  Guess I need to work on that.

Did a pretty light workout:

  1. 10 minutes elliptical
  2. 3 rounds of :30 bird dog hold each side, then :30 plank
  3. 3 rounds of 10 TRX rows and 10 TRX push ups


After a crazy week at work, we just relaxed on Friday night.  We got some Mexican food with Michael’s brother and just had a relaxing evening!


On Saturday, we woke up early and drove up toward DC to see my brother and his fiancé.  We had a mimosa tour of the house, went for a hike at Great Falls, went to a house warming party, and had homemade strawberry ice cream!  I don’t know how they have so much energy.  By Friday, I’m shot.


Great Falls!



Homemade strawberry ice cream!


We slept in a little bit, then went to a cool restaurant called Ted’s Bulletin for brunch.  I had fabulous chicken and biscuits that I forgot to get a picture of because I devoured it.


Do you have siblings? Do you get to see them often? 


5 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 8/10/15

  1. That homemade ice cream looks so good! Some of the restaurants here serve homemade peppermint ice cream and I should probably try some one day. It sounds like you had a great week of workouts and spending time with your family.

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