Weekly Update – 8/3/15


Since Michael and I were away all weekend, Monday night was a night for us to catch up on a lot of stuff. We food prepped for the week, did a bunch of laundry, and got the house back in working order.  I will get back to yoga one day!


Warmup: 15 minutes on the elliptical


3 Rounds:

  1. 10 TRX rows
  2. 10 bodyweight squats

3 Rounds:

  1. 20 Russian Twists
  2. Bird Dog – 30 sec each side


We went for a double date with some friends of ours.  We went to No Frill Grill and it was yummy!


Fish Tacos!


Thursday was a super easy workout day.  I just did 15 minutes on the elliptical and then did a ton of stretching and mobility exercises.  I’ve neglected them, and I’m paying for it. I hear yoga calling my name.

I got my real workout when I got home and weeded the front flower bed.


On Friday, we had Michael’s parents over for dinner, then proceeded to play blackjack all night. Its always great to see them.


Saturday was a pretty chill day.  I had hopes of getting the yard done, but the rain had different ideas.  We got a lot of house chores done, then in the afternoon we went to see Ricki and the Flash.  It wasn’t an amazing movie, but it was good and entertaining.  And of course, how could you not love Meryl Streep?! If I ever had the opportunity to meet that woman, I’d probably turn into a pile of mush.  She’s fabulous.


My husband got me pretty flowers!



After church, we grabbed a quick lunch, ran some errands, then headed to my dad’s for a Greek dinner.  My stepmom’s brother was in town, and they made some of her mother’s favorite Greek recipes for dinner.  I’m not a huge Greek food fan, but she made some of the foods I really like!


What movies have you seen lately? Do you like Greek food?


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