Weekly Update – 6/22/15


I really wanted to get to yoga, but sometimes the best laid plans fail.  Next week?


Workout with Nicole, and thank God it was inside.  Heat index of 110 degrees? No thanks.

Four Rounds:

1. 8 hex bar deadlifts

2. 4 reverse lunges with goblet squat hold

Three Rounds:

1. 10 hip hinges

2.20 overhead ball slams (14 lbs)

3. Jump squats with resistance at shins

We came home to 2 packages.  The first was a canvas from our photographer!!! It is beautiful and I can’t wait to figure out where to hang it! The second was the storage shelves we were waiting for in order to organize our the downstairs bathroom.  I put them together while watching Pretty Little Liars and I’m so relieved to have them done!


Newlywed night!  Michael and I have been super busy lately, so we decided we needed a night for just us…..well that didn’t happen.  I had to deal with some drama with my new eyeglasses.  I didn’t get home from that until after 7pm.  We cooked yummy food on the grill, then my mom stopped by.  We pretty much went to bed after she left.


Nicole night.  I was ridiculously sore from our workout on Tuesday (thanks to being lazy on my honeymoon).

Three Rounds:

1. 10 Y raises with resistance band

2. 10 inchworm pushups

Three Rounds:

1. 10 prone chest press

2. 10 kneeling overhead press

Two Rounds:

1. 10 overhead kneeling wall slams

2. 10 hip drops each side

Two Rounds (with the FIT class):

1. Run, 5 burpees

2. Run, 5 squat jumps

3. Run 5 pushups

4. Run

After we got home and showered up, we heated up some leftovers, then watched Extreme Weight Loss.  We love the show and are always so impressed at the drastic changes people are able to make in their lives.


Friday night was a chill night.  I had a terrible day at work.  My sister was in town, so I stopped over at my mom’s house to see them and my nephew, Weston!  I held him for about an hour…he’s such a sweet baby.  After I got home, Michael and I went to Mexican with his brother.  Yum!


OMG that face.


Saturday was a day filled with a ton of emotion.  We had the going away party for my trainer and his girlfriend.  All of their clients and the group exercise class came to one of the member’s house for the send off.  We had a lot of yummy breakfast, then every member and trainer had an opportunity to speak. I cried.  Didn’t think that I would, but I was just so overwhelmed with how much we loved them and how much we’ll miss them being in our lives every day.  I had been dreading this day for a long time.

Danny and Nicole shared a wonderful moment with us – Danny chose to propose to Nicole at this gathering.  I was sitting right next to her and it was the sweetest moment to witness.  I am so incredibly happy for them.  It was a perfect ending to a wonderful morning.


You can see the top of my head over Nicole’s head!


He did good!

Later that evening, Michael and I went to my cousin’s wedding.  Tyler is my stepdad’s nephew, and his new wife Erin is one of the sweetest people you’ve ever met!  The rain ruined a lot of the day, and they had to revert to their rain plan, but they handled it like champs!


My stepdad and his grandbaby Weston!



Wedding selfie!


After church, Michael and I headed down to VA Beach to do some people watching.  It was a gorgeous day out and it was nice to get out to the beach.  Afterward, we came home and did our weekly grocery shopping.  We got some fantastic salmon and cooked it up on our new grill.



 How was your week? What’s the hottest temperature you will work out in? Have you ever witnessed a proposal?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 6/22/15

  1. I think we all have those weeks and days that we wanted to do something but it just never worked out. Nice job this week though fitting everything else in.

    I’ve never witnessed a proposal except for mine…maybe that is why I was so awkward.

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