Weekly Update – 6/15/15


We had gotten back from the honeymoon late on Saturday night.  We mostly bummed around on Sunday.  Monday morning was all about the Social Security Office to change my name.  OMG, that place is evil.  Thankfully, we only spent a little over an hour there.  We did a bunch of stuff to clean up the house and get our life in order.

At night, it was Jurassic World time!  I was super excited about the movie and I couldn’t wait to see it!  It did not disappoint!


Tuesday morning was all about the DMV!  We did not spend much time there at all which was miraculous. Maybe around a half hour!? And the people were surprisingly pleasant!  We did some more errand running and cleaning later in the day.


Wednesday was our first day back to work after a glorious two weeks off!


I had kind of been dreading Thursday cause I knew it was the first day back to the gym.  Since Danny got let go the week of the wedding, I was working with Nicole.  She took it super easy on me – thank the Lord!

Dynamic Warmup – RDL reaches and inchworm pushups

Three Rounds:

1. 10 Goblet squats (25 lb KB)

2. 8 Single leg RDLs each side (20 lb KB)

Three rounds:

10 resistance band paloff press

After our workout, I had to talk to the director of the trainers to discuss my future with training.  Danny was let go during my absence at the gym, and Nicole is leaving at the end of the month.  The time I was dreading finally came.  I decided to finish out the month with Nicole, suspend my contract and see what I want to do after some time away.  I love the accountability of a trainer, but I feel like I have benefited from some wonderful trainers that have equipped me with all the tools to be successful on my own.  There are only a handful of trainers left that I remotely trust, but I can’t see paying that much money for a trainer that I don’t love.

On Thursday night, my mom and stepdad brought over our wedding present: a grill!!!! We are so excited to start using it!


Friday night, I couldn’t wait to get home after work.  Even though our first week back was short, it was hard to come back!  We went out to get some mexican with my brother in law.


Saturday AM was very hot….so naturally I decided it was a perfect time to mow the lawn.  I was pouring sweat the entire time.  I tried to pull weeds in the flower beds, but quickly gave up on that in favor of air conditioning.  Sorry flower beds.


We went back to church on Sunday, which was great.  After church, we visited Michael’s dad for father’s day, then my dad, then my stepdad! It was quite a busy day, but good to see them all.

What did you do for Father’s Day? What was your best experience ever at the DMV?


One thought on “Weekly Update – 6/15/15

  1. I agree that it is important to belong to a gym and community that you love and enjoy. If you don’t enjoy going…what is the point? I think you are making a wise and smart decision.

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