Weekly Update – 5/18/15


I feel like with all this wedding planning, I just keep going and going! I was able to finish up all of my thank yous from all of our showers.


Workout with Danny.  It was hot and humid outside, but we worked out there anyway!  This seemed 100x harder because we were outside in the heat.  Am I the only one who DESPISES working out in the heat?

Three Rounds:

1. 12 quarter squat and press

2. 6 push ups

3. 12 RDLs

4. 6 split squats (each side)

5. 1 minute jump rope


More wedding things! To be honest, I don’t even remember what I did….


Danny cancelled with me.  I had an eye doctor appointment, then I had to get some wedding errands done!


Friday night was my Bachelorette party! We went to a paint night at a local hotel.  It was pretty cool and I had a lot of fun with my girls!


You can’t see him really well, but Bob Ross hung out with us….



My finished product! Not too shabby!



Me and the girls! Erin (top row, far right) went a little rogue, but it looks awesome!


I slept in on Saturday and it was delightful.  Michael and I did some driving around and dreaming about houses.  We finally got rid of some stuff in the house and took it to the thrift store to give away.  We also had an impromptu date night at Baker’s Crust and it was lovely!


After church we had premarital counseling – for almost 5 hours! It was great, but super mentally exhausting!


How was your week?  Have you ever done a paint night?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 5/18/15

  1. Your paintings are really beautiful! I have done a few of those classes at local studios and one Paint Nite that I won. I didn’t care for the Paint Nite but I think it has a lot to do with the individual instructor (same way at the studios- it’s all about who you get). It looks like you guys had a good instructor and a really beautiful painting too. I can see Bob Ross in the background ha!

    • Thank you! I think you are right about the instructor. Ours was a lot of fun and tried to make it as simple as she could. She was also very interactive and came around and assisted you when you needed it. I LOVE that they had Bob Ross there – made my night!

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