Injury Update – I Hate PT

physical therapy

HEP = Home Exercise Program, aka PT homework


You know how there are things in life you are supposed to do…things that are good for you, but you are too lazy to do them? That’s me and my plantar fasciitis PT exercises.  I know I should be doing them, and I know they help, but that is the last thing on my mind when I finally sit down at the end of the day.  I know they will make me feel better, but they are so uncomfortable to do, the idea of starting them is undesirable.

I have noticed that the shoes I wear definitely make a difference, and I’ve been trying to wear more supportive shoes.  However, there are some days that I have pain no matter how well I think I’m treating my feet.

I don’t really feel the desire to run right now.  There is a slight desire…only cause I’m not supposed to, but with the wedding coming up, I don’t really need to be running.  I don’t have any races until the fall, and I have nothing longer than a 10k, so I have plenty of time to get back up to speed.

After the craziness of the wedding and honeymoon, I want to come back and make recovering from plantar fasciitis my number one health goal.

Are you bad about listening to your doctor? Do you have a love/hate relationship with PT?

7 thoughts on “Injury Update – I Hate PT

  1. I have been doing PT for almost 3 months for my Plantar Fasciitis! It is definitely a love/hate relationship. I hate that I am not getting as better as fast as I thought I would and I hate when he really digs in while doing the Graston Technique. The exercises have gotten repetitive and boring but I know I have to stick with it. I love that he listens to me and reminds me constantly to focus on the positive rather than the negative. When you are stuck in this injury it is hard to be positive! He actually told me to start a journal this week so I can actually see my progress and how far I have come. As far as listening to the doctor… Yes! I never want to go back to pain where I am crawling to the bathroom and crying after only 3 blocks of walking.

    • I don’t know about you, but the first time I did some of my exercises, I cried. They can hurt so bad…but if you keep up with them, they actually do help! I’m sorry to hear that you are 3 months in with PT and you aren’t recovering as fast as you hoped! Thanks for the reminder to be positive!

      Also – curious…is it hard for people in your life to understand why walking sucks so bad? People think I’m just being a baby 🙂

      • Yes I have experienced that! I’ll have friends that want to go for walks and when I tell them I can’t they seem to have a hard time understanding. I think only people that have experienced true PF understand the pain! Thank you and I hope you have a speedy recovery!! 🙂 My PT says this is the slowest healing tissue in the body so I just have to be patient.

  2. I hated PT too. I found that massages and just doing the exercises worked best for me (my PT basically just massaged it anyway, maybe I had a crummy doc). At least you have wedding planning and other things to stay busy with since you can’t run, but hopefully you can get back after the wedding!

  3. I hate doing all the little things that come with running and working out (PT being one of them…core being another). I hope it helps and you feel better though.

    • Ugh, when I realized how important core work was to running, I was annoyed. But, I’ve come to realize how important it is. Some of these things are maintenance things we have to do, but they do get better IF we do them!

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