Weekly Update – 4/27/15

The sickness is back. UGH.  I’m so over being sick!  I think I get bad allergic responses to all the pollen and stuff, then I get a sinus infection.  I’m quite over it.  I think it might be time for allergy testing and treatment!


I had a ton of work to catch up on after being gone for a week.  I ended up working about 10 hours and that meant no gym time for me.  Honestly though, as sick as I am, I didn’t wanna go.


Wedding stuff!  We went to our venue to meet with our planner and caterer.  We got a lot of last minute things figured out and it makes me feel a LOT better.


No gym again.  We had a meeting with our DJ!


Worked out with Nicole and asked her to take it easy on me since I was still sick.  I didn’t even bother trying to remember what we did, since it was all light stretching and mobility exercises.


Friday night was a nice double date night with one of Michael’s groomsmen and his wife.  We went to a cool wine bar in Virginia Beach and had a great time!


Saturday morning, I slept in, then woke up in just enough time to work out with Danny.  We did a light day, mostly mobility stuff again like I did with Nicole.  We did some squats, lunges, etc.  Nothing too crazy, but I tell you what, when you are sick, that feels like a really hard workout!

I also went to get my hair trial done for my wedding!  She did a great job, looks wonderful, and I’m really excited!


On Sunday, I decided to skip church in favor of sleeping in.  My body really needs it.  However, my stupid car alarm went off at about 2am, then my smoke detector batteries died for my detector in my room, and it prevented good restful sleep.  I saw Michael off to the airport – he’s going to Chicago for a week for work.  Then I got ready for my bridal shower!  My mom threw a lovely shower, and it was a blast 🙂

How was your week?  Are your allergies so bad that you keep getting sick?

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