28th Birthday!

On April 21st, I turned 28! I guess I’m officially in my late 2o’s now… at 27 I could at least pretend I was in my mid-20s still.  All it all, it was a great birthday, and I had the opportunity to stretch it out over the course of a week.

Last Monday, I took my “birthday” day off of work, which was lovely.

On my actual birthday on Tuesday, I traveled down to Florida for work.  I got serenaded on the plane, got birthday shots, and lots of free food.

When I got back from Florida, my Dad & stepmom had us over to do a joint birthday celebration with my stepsister (and the kitties).  Grace is a teenager now! We just had a low key evening, played some bocce and had lots of unhealthy wonderful food.



It was a nice celebration – birthdays are definitely a lot more low key as I get older.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you ever do joint birthday celebrations?

5 thoughts on “28th Birthday!

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