Hey all – check out this great post from my trainer, Nicole! Don’t get thrown off by the title – read into the sarcasm! She and my other trainer, Danny, put out a lot of great content on this blog, so check it out !

Mind, Body, and Skill

Published by: Nicole Fiorella

Now you can lose weight and build muscle faster than you ever thought imaginable. I’ve figured out the secret…you can eat whatever you want, only workout when it’s convenient for you and still see success in only 30 days!! All you have to do is follow my generic steps that I have scientifically proven work most of the time on a select few people…

Sound like a good idea?…

If you are reading this, my hope is that you caught my not so subtle sarcasm. But if you read that and wanted to know more about my full proof plan, then you need to continue reading this post now more than ever.

For years, the health and fitness industry has been nose-diving into an empty pool of incessant and obnoxious infomercials and nutritional “quick fixes”. Ultimately leading unknowing innocents to slip off the diving board and…

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