Rowing Workout: Help!

Hey ya’ll!  Since I haven’t been running, my conditioning has taken a huge hit.  I’m trying to not doing cross- training that will put weight on my feet (since I have this perpetual PF/Achilles issue).  I am eventually going to start hitting the pool again, but until then I’ve been focusing on using the rowing machine for some good solid conditioning workouts.

I have been doing workouts that involve alternating with another exercise.  For example, 10 KB swings to every 100 meters rowed.  So row 100, 10 swings.  row 200, then do 20 swings. I’ve alternated with jumping rope before, pushups etc. But I need some new ideas. Google provides lots of good info, but I like hearing from you guys on some tried and true workouts that you’ve done.

So, help a sister out!  What kinds of rowing workouts do you do?  If you don’t row, how do you like to crosstrain?

4 thoughts on “Rowing Workout: Help!

  1. I’ve only used the rowing machine a couple times in my life … sorry chica! 😦 the ARC Trainer is my jam these days!!! I learned about that machine from you lol 🙂

    • My entire back line is tight. Hammy’s are super tight (and weak) and my calves and Achilles are super tight. Like most women, I have overdeveloped quads, so my hammy’s and glutes don’t engage like they should. I’ve worked on strengthening my glutes some and fixed my hip issues, but now I’m struggling with my lower legs.

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