Weekly Update – 3/23/15


Skipped yoga (bad Lauren) because my house was an absolute disaster and I desperately needed to clean and get my life together.  This season has been really busy for us with wedding planning and moving….and nothing gets put back where it belongs.  I have clothes that have been living on the top of my dresser for weeks.  And they still aren’t cleaned up.  I can’t be the only one that does that….do you just refuse to put away your clothes?


Danny wasn’t able to workout with me, so he wrote me a workout to do on my own.  Can I just say that people are much more accepting of you taking a bunch of equipment when you have a trainer with you? One woman got pissed that I hoarded a medicine ball.

Strength Circuit (5 rounds, drop the last exercise each round – last round should only be exercise #1)

1. 25 MB wall-shots

2. 20 Kneeling Band Pull-aparts

3. 15 KB swings

4. 10 pushups

5. 5 KB SA Turkish Getups (each side)

Conditioning Circuit

1. 200m row

2. 4oom row

3. 600m row

I was supposed to do half the rowing amount and jump rope in between, but I didn’t have room at the rowing machine I was at to do that.  So those row amounts are doubled from what I was supposed to do.


My doctor’s appointment ended up going much later than I expected, so I ended up missing yoga.  I did get to have dinner with my dad and family though.  I worked a bit from home to catch up from leaving early for my appointment.


Workout with Nicole!  I love working out with Danny, but I also like working out with a female trainer from time to time. She kicked my butt, as usual.

Quick Warmup (3x):

1. 10 resistance band chops (each side)

2.  5 inchworms with pushups

Workout (3x):

1. 10 RDLs with 20lb barbell (each side)

2. Pushup to KB highpull

3. 30 sec TRX mountain climbers/30 sec TRX plank

4. 1 minute on the ReACT trainer

Friday – Saturday – Sunday

I left work early and Michael and I headed up to PA to see my family up there.  My mom’s sister organized a co-ed shower for us so that Michael could participate. It was a wonderful time with family (especially those who won’t be able to come to the wedding!) and we are so blessed to have them.  I’ll probably write more about it later, cause I have a lot of thoughts about bridal/wedding showers!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 3/23/15

  1. I can completely relate. My house looks like a bomb went off…it’s seriously ridiculous. It sounds like despite everything you managed to get everything done that you wanted.

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