Race Recap: Shamrock 8K 2015

I’m going to refer to this race as “that time I couldn’t work my Garmin.” #runningfail

Packet Pick-up/Expo

Everything was super efficient at packet pick-up; J&A races are always very well organized.  I loved the shirts this year, and I was glad they brought back the drawstring backpacks! I made my way up and down through the expo, cause I was looking for another rack to hang my medals on.  The other one I have is quite tiny and I’ve since filled it up.  I have medals from 2012-2014 on there!  I found a really nice shop that had some really cute racks.  You can check out their stuff at yorksignshop.etsy.com.

race medal sign

Look at this super cute sign I bought! I can’t wait to get all my medals on it 🙂

Race Day Conditions/Attire

It ended up being a lot colder than I had bargained for and I was way under dressed.  As a result, I had to wear my sweatshirt, which I knew would be a bad idea once I got going.

I wore capris and a long sleeved shirt, then ended up wearing my yellow sweatshirt over it.  I also picked a horrible bra and I ended up with chafing.  I won’t be making that mistake again! I wore my Injinji toe socks and they mostly did great, except I did forget to put glide on my feet like normal and I ended up with a blister.


Michael and I got there in plenty of time, but we had a decent walk from our parking lot to the race start.  We took a race picture with my coworkers, and by the time that was done, I didn’t have much time to find a bathroom.  I could NOT find a porta potty for the life of me! Turns out they were on the boardwalk side, 2 streets over from the start.  I barely had time to make it to my corral before the start.

Race Time

I started in corral 10, just one group back from my assigned corral of 9.  I figured since I knew I would be starting a little slower and probably not running much, I thought I’d be honest 🙂  I completely failed at starting my Garmin at the start.  I realized it when I looked at my watch and started it at what I guessed was about 3 minutes in.  When I got to the first mile marker, I realized I had only gone a quarter of a mile without the watch. It made it easy to keep track of where I was…I was always .25 miles further than my watch said!

I did manage to run some…and got overheated by mile 2.  I shed my sweatshirt and tied it around my waist, only to have to put it back on again when I got to the boardwalk and hit that horrible wind. Once I hit the boardwalk, that’s where it seemed to unravel for me.

Since I am still recovering from my upper respiratory stuff, once I hit that really cold air, I was having trouble getting air in while running.  I was ok while walking, so I resorted to a lot of that.  It started getting really mentally discouraging when I saw those runners who had already finished starting to double back on the bike path.  It got even worse when I got to the last mile of the course and spectators were walking across the street in front of me.  How rude! and that’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  Let people finish their race.  (Am I the only one that gets upset at that?!)

I saw Michael with about 3/4 of a mile to go and handed him my sweatshirt.

My official finish time was 1:12:49.  I can’t say I’m pleased, but considering all of my plantar fasciitis issues  and basically not running since December….and being sick, it wasn’t too shabby.

After Party

Getting into the tent was next to impossible.  I waited forever for beer and got cut in line a million times.  Since it was so crowded in the tent, Michael and I decided to go outside so I could finish my beer.  As a result, I didn’t really get to hear the band and I didn’t feel like going back in for food or more beer.  I feel this way about Shamrock every year…just too crowded inside the tent and usually too cold to be on the beach.

We had a long walk back to the car and it was nice to finally sit.  My feet didn’t feel great, and the aforementioned blister was really starting to hurt.

Overall Reactions

I’m glad I deferred the Dolphin Challenge and just did the 8k.  It was much less stressful.  I love this event and will continue to love it, even if I don’t do the longer distances.

Did any of you run Shamrock? How did you do?



7 thoughts on “Race Recap: Shamrock 8K 2015

  1. I’m happy you had a good race despite everything you have been going through. That is certainly hard and I cannot even imagine. I’m with you that deferring was such a smart choice.

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