Life/Wedding Update!

It’s getting closer to the wedding, ya’ll!  Less than 100 days left now.  I am so ready to marry the love of my life and begin our lives together.

Since I decided to defer the Shamrock Dolphin Challenge until next year, I’ve been far less stressed.  I’ve been able to feel ok about backing off training of any kind.  I’m still doing the 8k, but I’m doing it for fun, no goals in mind other than to stay injury free.  Its a big event for work because we are the title sponsor of the 8k.

So….since I’m not spending all my time obsessing over training, not training, dealing with stupid feet issues, etc. I can focus time on the wedding.

My fantastic mom is doing calligraphy for the invitations.  Once those are done, we can begin sending those out.  Except for two slackers (just kidding we love them) all of our wedding party have their clothing ordered.

All of the little details are trying to stress me out.  Timelines are tough to sort out and everyone is starting to have questions.  I’m trying to take it one day at a time, one detail at a time. Getting sick last week threw a wrench in my productivity, but I’m starting to get refocused.

This weekend I go for my first dress fitting since it came in last fall.  Let’s hope it still fits!!!




4 thoughts on “Life/Wedding Update!

  1. The details are what have stressed me out the most as well. It’s never ending…do one thing and ten more come up. I’m glad you are far less stressed though!

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