Weekly Update – 3/1/15 – Sick All Week

I decided to forgo my normal weekly update format of showing you what I did each day, because I did nothing!

Michael got sick first.  He started feeling bad on Sunday. I should have known I was going to get it next!

I started feeling bad on Monday night and when I woke up Tuesday, I had a full blown cold/flu/virus from hell.  Sore throat, congestion, low grade fever…etc.  I didn’t go to work from Tuesday-Thursday.  I started feeling a little better on Friday and decided that I had missed too much work so I needed to go.

I got bad again Friday night and started losing my voice.  Saturday was pretty terrible.  Michael and I had a wedding to attend for my dear friend Jessie.  There was no way I was missing that, so I medicated up, grabbed my cough drops and made it until after dinner.  We left early and missed a lot, but I’m so glad I could see Jessie and Jon and their beautiful wedding.

Sunday was the real test of how I was feeling, as I went to church and then had a premarital counseling session.  I managed to hold my own, even with my super raspy sexy deep voice.

So….I’m hoping that the worst is gone and I can get back to a normal routine soon.

Have you gotten really sick this winter?  How do you cope with laryngitis?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 3/1/15 – Sick All Week

  1. Eeeek!! Getting sick is never fun! I got the flu around Thanksgiving while on vacation…so that wasn’t fun and now my husband has been sick for a while! Yucky!! Have a fabulous week!! Feel better really soon! XOXO

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