Weekly Update – 2/23/15


Yoga was great, and I’m glad it was great because it ended up being one of few workouts this week!  I was joined my my normal crazy crew of ladies and we had a lot of fun cutting up during class.  Yeah, we are THOSE people.


We had some surprise snow on Tuesday night – they were only calling for a dusting at most, and we ended up with 2-3 inches.  I had cancelled with Danny already because I had a work dinner to go to.  I have been at the bank for 5 years now, so they threw us a little party and gave us a small gift.


Since we knew we were getting another round of Snowpocalypse, Danny was certain that the gym would be closed on Thursday.  He had an opening at 6:30, so I took it.

Did a warmup to open up my hips cause my hip flexors hate me.

Three Rounds of the following:

1. SA KB Squats (10)

2. SA Bent over rows (10)

3. SA RDLs (10)

4. Lunges with barbell overhead

Then we did the other side.


My workout with Nicole was cancelled due to the snow.  It was nice to work from home.  I did get a good workout in at lunchtime when I shoveled the driveway!


We were back at work Friday.  Michael went out of town with one of his buddies, so I had some downtime by myself.


Worked out with Danny in the morning.  We worked out in the basketball court so we could do suicides. Yay.

1. 10 double KB clean and press/1 suicide

2. 20 kneeling bottoms up KB press (each side)/2 suicides

3. 30 ball slams/3 suicides

4. 40 double KB bent over rows/4 suicides

5. 50 resistance band jumping jacks/5 suicides

Then I got a second workout of the day when I went to my moms house and we priced and organized things for the yard sale.  Then we moved two of her couches into the pickup truck so my parents could take them to my sister.  They are buying Michael’s furniture and we are moving that next week.  I ended up with a nice bruise on my arm.


Church in the morning, I did worship team. Michael and I were lazy most of the day.  We talked about some of the logistics of moving and reorganizing the house.

Did you get snow this week? Have you ever moved couches?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 2/23/15

  1. Ohhhh the snow we got was horrible, right? I can’t believe we got as much as we did!!! Eeeek!! Let’s both wish it away…no more snow…no more snow!! Great workouts! XOXO

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