Getting the itch back….

So due to all the snow we’ve been getting recently, work has been closed, the gym has been closed, the roads are horrible due to our lack of sufficient snow handling equipment…and I am just not getting workouts in.  Yes, I know that we aren’t getting near the amount of snow as my friends in the northeast…but here, its bad because we simply don’t have the snow removal equipment necessary.  We also have terrible drivers.  And we are gonna get more snow tonight.

But I digress.

The cool thing is that while I’ve been enjoying all the rest and relaxation… I’m actually getting the itch back to run.  After a less than motivated fall and winter, I’m starting to want to run again.  Not that I’m ready to tackle a half marathon or anything, but I’d love to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement.

This may seem insignificant to most of you…but its a big deal for me.  I’ve been falling out of running, and I’m finally feeling the love again.

I’m not really excited about my normal workouts (sorry Danny) probably because I’ve been doing them consistantly. I’m thinking about mixing it up some soon and getting back in the pool and doing more cross training as I try to get my conditioning a little stronger in preparation for getting back into some running.

Also, its helped by staying caught up on what all of you are accomplishing.  Nothing makes me want to get back out there more than seeing you guys PR, reach goals, run your goal races, enjoy a fun race, travel, etc.

Have you been in a running slump? Can you handle the snow where you are?


3 thoughts on “Getting the itch back….

  1. I think it’s all relative…the funding for snow removal doesn’t necessarily belong down in VA Beach as it would for Boston…ect.

    Anyways, I’m really glad to hear you are getting the itch to run again. That is huge! You have to want to run and it sounds like that is starting to happen.

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