What I’m Reading: Articles

I don’t know why I never post about what I’m reading, because I do a ton of reading of blogs, articles, news stories, etc.

I’ve been really into articles and infographics from Precision Nutrition lately.  My trainer is a supporter of their philosophy and stance on nutrition. Here are a few articles I’ve really enjoyed from them, on a variety of topics:

Super Shake Infographic

The Cost of Getting Lean

Fix a Broken Diet

Fitness and Menstrual Health

Vitamin D

Sitting, Standing, Walking at Work

Here are a few random articles from news sites:

Instagram for Doctors

Mysterious case of ‘twin fetuses’ found inside newborn   – Ok, so I know I’m strange with this one, but I just love weird medical stories.  There are some really interesting medical phenomenons that exist and I love learning about them.

Did you like any of these articles? Do you know of any other weird medical things I can read about?


2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Articles

  1. I love infographics too because I feel like they provide a lot of information and are visually appealing. I feel like I spend hours reading inforgraphics sometimes LOL.

    That was so interesting about “fixing a broken diet”.

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