Weekly Update – 2/2/2015

How is it already February??? Although, I’m not going to lie, every step closer we get closer to June, the better 🙂


Yoga!  My PF/heel had been bothering me most of the day on Monday, so I was looking forward to yoga in hopes that I would get some relief.  Class was good, but we spent a lot of time in Warrior 1 – which my hips don’t like too much.  I have trouble keeping my hips squared forward, so I end up uncomfortable.


Danny night.  Pretty good workout. We did upper body because my stupid PF was acting up and my left heel was really bothering me.

Four Rounds:

1. Double KB Suitcase Deadlift (12)

2. SA Cable Back Row with Rotation(8 each side)

3. KB Bottom’s Up Carry (50 yds)

Two Rounds: 

1. Cable hip thrusters (20)

2. Cable Paloff Press (10 each side)


I almost didn’t go to yoga, but forced myself to go.  We had a sub for the class and I loved her! She really took time to build the poses.  She also has a fantastic taste in music, which made the class even more enjoyable for me.


Danny has class on Thursday nights, so for the rest of the semester, I’ll be working out with Nicole.  She’s another fantastic trainer at the gym and also happens to be Danny’s girlfriend.

We did 3 rounds of the following:

1. Power rangers (10 each side)

2. KB Paloff Press (total of 30 presses and 10 squats)

3. SA KB Cleans (10 each side)

4. 250 meter row


Rest Day!


The FIT360 class had a FIT talk at 9am.  They used to be nutritional panels, but the trainers found that a time of encouragement and motivation proved far more important. It was a great talk!

Worked out with Danny and Nicole after class:

Four rounds:

1. 10 Hex bar deadlifts – 100 lbs

2. Lunge and press (8 each side)

Then we did a row circuit:

1. 500 meter row

2. 5 inchworm push-up

3. 400 meter row

4. 4 inchworm push-up

….all the way down to 100 meter row and 1 inchworm push-up.


I had a second week off from serving on worship team, which has been a wonderful break.  Michael and I also had our second pre-marital counseling session.  It was a long, but good day.

How was your week? Can you believe it is February!?

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