At Peace with a big decision: Race Deferral

I’ve decided to defer my race entry for the Shamrock Dolphin Challenge until 2016.

A few weeks ago I had posted about my strategy going into this year for my training and races.  I wanted to fall back in love with running by doing the races I loved: 5ks, 8ks, etc.  Training for half-marathons has sucked the joy out of running for me.  As such, I haven’t been training for Shamrock like I should be.  I’m still dealing with PF and heel issues, and I’m just NOT motivated.  The thought of doing the 8k and the half in the same weekend is just so overwhelming.

So I made the decision today to defer my race entry to 2016.  I feel like this is the right choice for me.  I will be able to step back this year and do the short races I love without just having to grin and bear it to “get through” Shamrock.  I want to be smart and not injure myself.  I want to be healthy and LOVE the run.

I will, however, be running the 8k in the race series this year.  I still want to be a part of Shamrock.  The 8k low stress and still a ton of fun.  I’m very seriously contemplating volunteering for the half marathon to still be part of the day.

I know many of you have had to make similar decisions and know that this is a smart one.  You guys have been so supportive.

So here’s to a great year of running the races I love and a renewed focus for 2016 (yes, I’m already looking that far forward!)

Have you ever deferred a race entry? How did you feel about your decision?


11 thoughts on “At Peace with a big decision: Race Deferral

  1. I’m glad you are at peace with your decision and sometimes deferring is the wise and modest course to take. I have deferred/cancelled 5 times. Once due to the travel expense, twice due to injury, and twice for reasons beyond my control as in the races were cancelled. The later two happened this race season.

  2. I think you made the right decision. In the end, all of us are professionals at something other than running and none of us have to run for money or for a team, scholarship, etc, we are doing this for fun. If you don’t feel like you’re ready- or heck, just don’t want- to run a race… don’t! Sometimes there’s so much pressure on certain distances like marathons and half marathons which is fun but they really do take a LOT out of your body with training and recovery so I like to run the shorter distances too. You can still have a lot of fun with them without as much pressure to run long/hard miles in training.

    I don’t think I’ve ever run a race that had deferrals… but I tend not to sign up for anything until the last minute, either (or the week before, something like that).

    • Thanks! I agree, it should be fun and I don’t need to keep pressuring myself. I bit off more than I could chew and I just don’t have the time to devote to a half marathon at this point. It’ll be a great thing to look forward to next year. I love short distance races because its a much smaller training commitment and still just as fun!

      I don’t have a lot of races that do deferrals, but J&A Races are great about that. I am one of those people that sign up WAY in advance (can’t resist cheaper prices) but that often tends to land me in positions like this… 🙂

  3. I hope you get the love back! Yes definitely volunteer! You’ll be inspired by what you see, I promise that. Maybe switch up your runs – hit the trails, run sprints at the track. Mix it up and maybe you’ll find the love. Def find a group to run with if you can!

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