Getting the itch back….

So due to all the snow we’ve been getting recently, work has been closed, the gym has been closed, the roads are horrible due to our lack of sufficient snow handling equipment…and I am just not getting workouts in.  Yes, I know that we aren’t getting near the amount of snow as my friends in the northeast…but here, its bad because we simply don’t have the snow removal equipment necessary.  We also have terrible drivers.  And we are gonna get more snow tonight.

But I digress.

The cool thing is that while I’ve been enjoying all the rest and relaxation… I’m actually getting the itch back to run.  After a less than motivated fall and winter, I’m starting to want to run again.  Not that I’m ready to tackle a half marathon or anything, but I’d love to lace up my sneakers and hit the pavement.

This may seem insignificant to most of you…but its a big deal for me.  I’ve been falling out of running, and I’m finally feeling the love again.

I’m not really excited about my normal workouts (sorry Danny) probably because I’ve been doing them consistantly. I’m thinking about mixing it up some soon and getting back in the pool and doing more cross training as I try to get my conditioning a little stronger in preparation for getting back into some running.

Also, its helped by staying caught up on what all of you are accomplishing.  Nothing makes me want to get back out there more than seeing you guys PR, reach goals, run your goal races, enjoy a fun race, travel, etc.

Have you been in a running slump? Can you handle the snow where you are?

Weekly Update – 2/16/15


Since Michael and I had stayed in NOVA on Sunday night, we got an early start back home since we had some nasty winter weather we wanted to beat.  The snow started around 2:30 pm and continued on into the night.  Michael and I made a last minute trip to the store and then got started on our Bates Motel Season 2 Netflix marathon.


We got the glorious news that work was closing for the day and we didn’t have to go in.  Michael and I spent the day watching the rest of Bates Motel Season 2.  The gym closed at 5pm, so no workout with Danny.


We had an hour delay into work.  Getting my car out was an adventure, and so were navigating the neighborhood roads, but the main roads were clear.  The sheet of ice on top of all the snow made it very interesting.  I had to drive Michael to work because he couldn’t get the BMW out.  Score one for the practical Honda 🙂 I didn’t make it to yoga after work.


Can I just say, that with all of the snow and ice we have…my gym parking lot was the WORST? I worked out with Nicole again.  She always kicks my butt so hard that I hurt for days.  We did 3 rounds of the following:

1. 10 Double KB deadlifts

2. 10 KB Bent-Over Row (each side)

3. 10 Double KB sumo squats

4. 10 Slide to Bridge (holy crap weak hamstrings)

5. 30 seconds resistance band plank jumping jacks


Michael’s car was STILL stuck on Friday.  I drove him to work all week!  We found out that we got profit sharing (essentially a bonus) of 3% of our salary.  It usually works out to an extra paycheck.  Yay!

My cousins were in town from Pennsylvania, so Michael and I spent some time at my mom’s house socializing with them.  I rarely get a chance to see them, so it was great to catch up.


Danny and Nicole were out of town for a fancy training thing that I can’t remember the abbreviation of.  Since they were gone, I slept in – and it was delightful.  Michael and I ran some errands out in Greenbrier and had lunch at Baker’s Crust.  Their tomato and cheese soup is to die for!  After working on some budget stuff in the afternoon, we went back over to my mom’s so we could go out to dinner with my cousins.  We ended up at No Frill Grill in Norfolk.


We had church in the morning, then after, Michael and I headed down to NC to see his parents.  We had a nice relaxed day with them, and then spent time with his brother in the evening.  We started to work on moving plans, since his brother is buying the condo!

 Did you get any snow this past week?  What do you like to do on snow days?

Weekly Update – 2/9/15


Yoga with Jaye.  She lost her dang gone mind in class.  She had us do very little warm-up before jumping right into it! There were a few new people in class and they were struggling a lot.  I was struggling.  I took a lot of modifications, cause it was a very difficult class. BUT, on the flip-side, I was able to have a good practice.


Tuesday was an interesting day.  I was supposed to workout with Danny but he was stuck in traffic.  Truth be told, I had been feeling crappy all day and wasn’t desiring to work out.  So when he texted and said he’d be late, I was honest and told him that I’d rather not workout.  And I didn’t.  I left the gym and went home.  It was a FANTASTIC rest day and I so needed it.

Do you ever have those days?


Yoga!  I love when I am able to make it twice a week.  Class was much simpler this time, but man, does that woman love chair!  Feel the burn!  I’ve found that my shoulders don’t have the mobility that I want them to have as I cannot fully express a lot of poses and have to take modifications.  Looks like I have some work to do in that regard!


Worked out with Nicole who is a crazy woman and tried to kill my arms.

Two Rounds of the following:

1. 30 TRX squat jumps

2. 15 KB swings

3. Farmers carry for 50 yds (right side)

4. 30 TRX punch outs

5. 15 pushup to high pull

6. Farmer’s carry for 5o yds (left side)

7. 30 TRX rows

8. ReACT trainer for 1 minute


Michael took me out for Valentine’s Day 🙂 We went to a beautiful restaurant at the Oceanfront called Isle of Capri.  We had Caesar salad made at the table, we split a salmon dinner and split a Tiramisu for dessert.  He gave me a beautiful pair of pearl and diamond earrings.


I woke up with a horrible headache on Saturday and ended up cancelling with Danny.  It was one of those headaches that hurt when you move.  Michael and I spent most of the day relaxing and running errands.  We babysat my sister later so that my dad and stepmom could go out for Valentine’s Day.


Church in the morning.  In the afternoon, we were on our way to northern VA to see his Aunt Sally.  We went to IKEA in search for a wardrobe to solve all our our closet woes.  I could write an entire post on that experience.  Bottomline: I HATE IKEA.

Sorry this is so late (I normally post on Monday, and its Wednesday…. but better late than never I suppose.  How was your Valentine’s Day?

What I’m Reading: Articles

I don’t know why I never post about what I’m reading, because I do a ton of reading of blogs, articles, news stories, etc.

I’ve been really into articles and infographics from Precision Nutrition lately.  My trainer is a supporter of their philosophy and stance on nutrition. Here are a few articles I’ve really enjoyed from them, on a variety of topics:

Super Shake Infographic

The Cost of Getting Lean

Fix a Broken Diet

Fitness and Menstrual Health

Vitamin D

Sitting, Standing, Walking at Work

Here are a few random articles from news sites:

Instagram for Doctors

Mysterious case of ‘twin fetuses’ found inside newborn   – Ok, so I know I’m strange with this one, but I just love weird medical stories.  There are some really interesting medical phenomenons that exist and I love learning about them.

Did you like any of these articles? Do you know of any other weird medical things I can read about?

Weekly Update – 2/2/2015

How is it already February??? Although, I’m not going to lie, every step closer we get closer to June, the better 🙂


Yoga!  My PF/heel had been bothering me most of the day on Monday, so I was looking forward to yoga in hopes that I would get some relief.  Class was good, but we spent a lot of time in Warrior 1 – which my hips don’t like too much.  I have trouble keeping my hips squared forward, so I end up uncomfortable.


Danny night.  Pretty good workout. We did upper body because my stupid PF was acting up and my left heel was really bothering me.

Four Rounds:

1. Double KB Suitcase Deadlift (12)

2. SA Cable Back Row with Rotation(8 each side)

3. KB Bottom’s Up Carry (50 yds)

Two Rounds: 

1. Cable hip thrusters (20)

2. Cable Paloff Press (10 each side)


I almost didn’t go to yoga, but forced myself to go.  We had a sub for the class and I loved her! She really took time to build the poses.  She also has a fantastic taste in music, which made the class even more enjoyable for me.


Danny has class on Thursday nights, so for the rest of the semester, I’ll be working out with Nicole.  She’s another fantastic trainer at the gym and also happens to be Danny’s girlfriend.

We did 3 rounds of the following:

1. Power rangers (10 each side)

2. KB Paloff Press (total of 30 presses and 10 squats)

3. SA KB Cleans (10 each side)

4. 250 meter row


Rest Day!


The FIT360 class had a FIT talk at 9am.  They used to be nutritional panels, but the trainers found that a time of encouragement and motivation proved far more important. It was a great talk!

Worked out with Danny and Nicole after class:

Four rounds:

1. 10 Hex bar deadlifts – 100 lbs

2. Lunge and press (8 each side)

Then we did a row circuit:

1. 500 meter row

2. 5 inchworm push-up

3. 400 meter row

4. 4 inchworm push-up

….all the way down to 100 meter row and 1 inchworm push-up.


I had a second week off from serving on worship team, which has been a wonderful break.  Michael and I also had our second pre-marital counseling session.  It was a long, but good day.

How was your week? Can you believe it is February!?

At Peace with a big decision: Race Deferral

I’ve decided to defer my race entry for the Shamrock Dolphin Challenge until 2016.

A few weeks ago I had posted about my strategy going into this year for my training and races.  I wanted to fall back in love with running by doing the races I loved: 5ks, 8ks, etc.  Training for half-marathons has sucked the joy out of running for me.  As such, I haven’t been training for Shamrock like I should be.  I’m still dealing with PF and heel issues, and I’m just NOT motivated.  The thought of doing the 8k and the half in the same weekend is just so overwhelming.

So I made the decision today to defer my race entry to 2016.  I feel like this is the right choice for me.  I will be able to step back this year and do the short races I love without just having to grin and bear it to “get through” Shamrock.  I want to be smart and not injure myself.  I want to be healthy and LOVE the run.

I will, however, be running the 8k in the race series this year.  I still want to be a part of Shamrock.  The 8k low stress and still a ton of fun.  I’m very seriously contemplating volunteering for the half marathon to still be part of the day.

I know many of you have had to make similar decisions and know that this is a smart one.  You guys have been so supportive.

So here’s to a great year of running the races I love and a renewed focus for 2016 (yes, I’m already looking that far forward!)

Have you ever deferred a race entry? How did you feel about your decision?

February Stitch Fix Review (Stitch Fix #2)

Have you guys tried Stitch Fix yet?!?! I received my second fix!


I know this is outside of my normal fitness/running blogging, but hey – its my blog, and I want to blog about my awesome clothes!  I’m going to apologize in advance for my horrible ugly pictures. I planned to take pictures with them on…but the best laid plans….

Here’s how it works: You set up a style profile and you receive a box with 5 items in it.  You can choose the frequency with which you set up the box …once a month, every other month, etc.  You pay $20 to receive a box.  If you keep anything, that $20 goes toward your purchase.  If you keep all 5 items, you get a discount!  They send you anything from jewelry, to clothes to handbags. If you don’t want to keep an item, they have an envelope to send them back.

What I love about this is that I get a stylist that looks at my style profile and picks out items just for ME.  You can even link to a pinterest board so they can get inspiration and a better look into what you like.

All in all, I love the STYLE of my fix. I loved the look of everything.

 Item Number 1 – Norah Button Front V-Neck Long Sleeve Blouse ($68)

feb stitch fix 2

First impression: This blouse is beautiful.  I loved the cream color immediately.  It is a little snug in the bust, but I can figure out something to make that work.

Verdict: Keep.

Item Number 2 – Freida Corduroy ($58)

feb stitch fix 4

I loved the color of these pants, although admittedly, I would have never chosen them for myself.  I was hoping that the fit would be better than the last pants I got, and it was a little better.  But I still couldn’t button them.

Verdict: Return.

Item Number 3 – Yasmin Skinny Jean ($98)

feb stitch fix 3

The quality of these pants were amazing. They were stretchy and wonderful and I wanted to love them. These were the first pair of pants I could completely button and wear.  However, I’m not a huge fan of skinny jeans and these were skin tight.

Verdict: Return.

Item Number 4 – Molly V-Neck Sweater ($44)

feb stitch fix 1

I loved this sweater the second I saw it.  It actually fit and was big! I was so excited that it fit.  But after further reflection, I realized that it really wasn’t that flattering.

Verdict: Return.

Item Number 5 – Charlee Asymmetrical Zip French Terry Biker Vest ($74)

feb stitch fix 5

When I saw on the inventory that I was getting  biker vest…I was worried about my stylist – this was NOT going to be my style.  But, I actually really liked the look of it.  Unfortunately it was WAY too tight.  You can’t really see much of the color, but its navy blue with dark gray faux fur.

Verdict: Return.

 Lessons’ Learned

Make sure to pin stuff to Pinterest that you really like.  They do pay attention.  So if you share your board with your stylist, make sure you would wear the stuff in there!

Overall Impression

I love the style of this fix.  I think my stylist really gets what I like.  We are still working on improving the fit of the items, but we are getting there.

If you are interested in getting your very own Stitch Fix box, click here.

*Note: This post is not sponsored.  I love Stitch Fix and purchase it with my own money and desire to share my love of it with you all fine people!  If you do chose to use the above link to sign up, I do receive credit toward my next purchase! (So click away!!!) If you sign up for Stitch Fix, you will also get a referral link for you to share with friends and loved ones!*


Weekly Update – 1/26/15


Yoga.  FINALLY. Oh how I’ve missed you! Class was really full – probably 30 people, which is huge for our tiny room.  I opted for a lot of child’s pose because it just felt so darn good.  I feel so much better when I go to yoga.  As a side note, check out this awesome article.  Some people in the fitness world don’t see the benefits of yoga…but finally the benefits are really being respected.


Danny night.  This was the first night I felt really positive about a workout in awhile.

Three rounds of the following:

1. SA right side dumbell thrusters (15)

2. SA right side push-up rows (10)

3. SA right side RDLs (5)

4. KB bottom’s up carry (50 yds)

5. SA left side dumbell thrusters (15)

6. SA left side push-up rows (10)

7. SA left side RDLs (5)

8.  KB bottom’s up carry (50 yds)


Hoorayyyy! I made it to yoga twice in one week for the first time in FOREVER.  Darn it, now I have that song from Frozen stuck in my head. “For the first time in forever, there’ll be music there’ll be liiiiiight!”

Now it’s stuck in your head.  You’re welcome.

Class was good.  She had us try to do some binds.  I’ve come to the conclusion that either my arms are freakishly short or my shoulder mobility sucks (probably the latter).


Danny night!

We did four rounds of the following:

1. TRX squat and press (10)

2. Bottoms up KB press (10 each side)

3. Bent over row w/a shrug (10)


Rest Day!


Worked out with Danny in the basketball court.  I think we did three rounds:

1. Backpedal sled pull – 20 yds

2. Sled push – 20 yds

3. :30 Jump Rope

4. :30 lateral rope slams

5. 10 kneeling overhead wall balls

We also talked a lot about running/fitness blogging and GOMI (Get off my Internets).


I had church in the morning, but for the first time in a long time, did not have to lead worship.  Its so nice to show up with out any responsibilities!  Afterward, Michael and I got some errands done, then we went to my mom’s house for the Superbowl.

How were your workouts this week? What do you think about GOMI? What did you do for the Superbowl?