Weekly Update – 1/19/15


We had the day off of work for the holiday.  I got a ton done around the house.  We aren’t moving Michael’s stuff in until April, but I figured I might as well clean up as much as I can now.  I have just an absurd amount of stuff.

While I probably shouldn’t have, I skipped yoga.


Woke up to a fun surprise on Tuesday AM. I’ve had issues with squirrels getting in my attic….the pains of living in a townhome with connected units.  I worked from home while I waited for the exterminator to come out and try to figure out a solution to get them out and get rid of them for good.  I haven’t had issues in awhile, but some dumb squirrel managed to get itself stuck in there.

Had a terrible workout with Danny.  And by terrible, I mean I felt terrible during it. It was just a really rough workout.  No rest between the following:

1. SA squat and press – right arm (:30)

2. SA KB swing – right arm (:30)

3. SA RDL – right arm (:30)

4. SA squat and press – left arm (:30)

5. SA KB swing – left arm (:30)

6. SA RDL – left arm (:30)

7. Resistance band side steps – 25 yds

Due to the single sided movement we were doing, this was really tough on my back (scoliosis).  It is necessary for us to work on getting each of my sides of my back to develop muscle equally.  Its difficult when you do double sided movement because then one side has the opportunity to compensate for the other.


I had practice for worship team at church, so I was unable to go to yoga.  I’m really hating that I’m missing yoga class so much.


First Round (4x):

1. 12 squat and press

2. 6 resistance band bird dogs (each side)

3. Speed walk around the gym

Second Round (2x):

1. Side lunge w/medicine ball raise (6 each side)

2. 1 minute leg raises


Rest day!


Workout with Danny.  We did a similar workout to last Saturday.

Three Rounds:

1. High Pull to Goblet Squat (10)

2. Box step up, step down w/reverse lunge (5 each side)

3. Jump Rope 2 minutes

Afterwards, Michael and I ran some errands, then we made a stop at Redbox.  We picked up the movie “Maze Runner.”  Highly recommend it – we loved it!  It is intense and keeps you on edge though.  We experimented a little with our new Ninja mixer and made some fruit smoothies.  Later that night, we had a couples shower to go to for a good friend of mine (who will also be making our wedding cake!)


Church in the morning.  We had lunch at a nice little coffeehouse called Aromas.  After lunch, we had our first premarital counseling session with our pastor and his wife.

How were your workouts this week? Ever been to a couples shower?


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