Weekly Update – 1/12/15


I ended up not making it to yoga.  I left work late, traffic was horrible, I had to stop by my mom’s house….and by the time I got home, I would have been late to class.  Not to mention I wouldn’t have been able to eat dinner!

So I decided to be productive instead!  I FINALLY took down my Christmas tree, and then vacuumed and such after.


Danny night. We’ve been doing a lot of strength exercises, and a few conditioning exercises…now we are going to switch up the ratio and do fewer strength exercises.  I have a desire to get some weight off, and this is the new strategy.

Three Rounds:

1. High Pull to Goblet Squat (10)

2. Ski lunges (25 yds)

Three Rounds:

1. 20 back and forth jumps over a line

2. 20 side to side jumps over a line

3. 10 jump and turn

4. 20 resistance band lateral steps

5. 10 Y Raise split jumps


Yoga was rough.  I don’t know why, but I had a really hard time with class.  I had a lot of trouble with balance.  I ended up in child’s pose a few times, because the poses were just not happening. It’s a little frustrating to have a class like that.


Danny/Nicole night.  Danny had to leave about halfway through my session, so Nicole finished up with me.

First Set (3x):

1. 10 KB squats

2. 10 KB shrug and SA back row (each side)

3. 10 Double KB snatch

Second Set (3x):

1. Side shuffle (25 yds)

2. 10 Paloff Presses (each side)

3. 1 minute rope slams


We went to a nice restaurant in Virginia Beach for a work celebration for getting through the craziness of the last few weeks.  It was a nice time!


Worked out with Danny.

Three Rounds:

1. Box step up, step down w/reverse lunge (10 each side)

2. Squat and press (10)

Two Rounds of 3-2-1 on the basketball court:

1. 3 sprints, back pedal on the return

2. 2 side shuffle (down and back)

3. 1 high skips


Had church in the morning.  I came home and was a little lazy for awhile, but then I got to work and starting cleaning up some general mess in the house.  I also started going through some stuff that I need to get rid of to make room for Michael to move in!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 1/12/15

  1. I’ve found myself needing to alter workouts, ect to be more productive with myself. I’ve just been so busy with life and working out that I have needed to put more time towards just cleaning up versus workouts!

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