Weekly Update – 1/5/15

Happy New Year, all! It was quite a long week!


Yoga with Jaye was great.  I hadn’t been to yoga since BEFORE Christmas, and I was really missing it.  It was great to use my new yoga mat bag! Jaye sped through class a little…I hope she does a slower, more restorative class soon.


Danny night.  I got there pretty early and got almost a full half hour of foam rolling and stretching in.

Four Rounds of the following:

1. Kettlebell swings (15)

2. Plank for :30

3. Goblet Squats (15)

4. Glute Bridge for :30

Then we foam rolled and did some other stretches for my back.  After working all weekend in a horrible desk chair, my back is pretty unhappy with me.


I skipped yoga for a rest day.   After working all weekend, I needed it.


Danny night.

Three Rounds:

1. Sumo squat with 40 lb dumb bell (12)

2. SA right kettle bell swings (8)

3. Sumo squat with 40 lb dumb bell (12)

4. SA left kettle bell swings (8)

5. Ski lunges – 25 yds

Then we did some power rangers.  🙂


Rest rest rest.  Michael and I got together with his brother about him buying Michael’s condo!


No Danny today.  Which honestly, after the chaos of last weekend, I was SO ready to sleep in.  Michael and I went to Richmond to go shop for wedding bands.  We also went to Short Pump and walked around for awhile and got a late lunch.


Church in the morning.  After church, I went over to my friend Sara’s house (one of my bridesmaids) and talked about crafts for the wedding.  She is super crafty and amazing so I solicited her help.  I’m super excited!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 1/5/15

  1. I went to yoga on Sunday and it was really nice. I need to get into it more. I’ve been to Richmond AND to short pump and that’s a really awesome mall. I know you enjoyed walking around and having lunch there.

  2. I loved the Short Pump mall. We need to go wedding band shopping too. I always loved the little sushi restaurant in Short pump mall.

    Anyways I’m glad you could relax last weekend. I know it’s been hectic for you.

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