Good things come in Fours…

I stole this from Salt, cause she’s awesome and tagged EVERYONE.  I love these kinds of quizzes/survey things.  Reminds me of MySpace.  🙂


1) Lauren – cause that’s my name.
2) Lew or Lu Lu – since my initials are LEW
3) Hoebag ….thanks, brother. For the record, I am not and have never been a hoebag. I call him Jerkface.
4) My Love – awwww my fiance is so cute.


1) Lifeguard
2) Accounting Intern
3) Business Analyst
4) Application Administrator


1) The Princess Bride
2) Pride and Prejudice
3) Wall-E
4) Hitch



1) The Hunger Games series
2) The Host
3)  The Ragamuffin Gospel
4) The Meaning of Marriage


1) Puerto Rico
2) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (before it was a prison)
3) Orlando, FL
4) Richmond, VA


1) Key West, FL (CANNOT wait to go back)
2) The Bahamas
3) San Diego, CA
4) Puerto Rico


1) Key West
2) Key West
3) Key West
4) Key West


1) Zucchini
2) Sushi
3) Pineapple – I’m allergic and I’m so sad…
4)  Spinach – I got food poisoning from it once and I still can’t eat it.  I LOVE it though.

It probably would be easier to say the things that I do eat…


1) Chocolate
2) Mac N Cheese
3) Pretzels
4) Carrots

I’d like to point out that I do like healthy food, I promise.  But you ask me what my favorite foods are, and you are gonna get all the wonderfully delicious things that are horrible for you.


1) Dexter
2) One Tree Hill
3) Walking Dead
4) Big Bang Theory


1) Getting married!!!!!!!
2) Going to Key West for our honeymoon!
3) Being done with wedding planning…
4) My sister having her baby boy!


1) “That’s not my job.”  (I’m not just being lazy, I promise, I just have to set boundaries!)
2) “I love you, my love.” – I know, we are annoyingly obnoxiously cute.
3) “I need introvert time.”
4) “I can’t, I have to workout.”

I’d love to see your responses and get to know you better! Feel free to do it yourself or post some of you interesting answers in the comments!

Weekly Update – 1/19/15


We had the day off of work for the holiday.  I got a ton done around the house.  We aren’t moving Michael’s stuff in until April, but I figured I might as well clean up as much as I can now.  I have just an absurd amount of stuff.

While I probably shouldn’t have, I skipped yoga.


Woke up to a fun surprise on Tuesday AM. I’ve had issues with squirrels getting in my attic….the pains of living in a townhome with connected units.  I worked from home while I waited for the exterminator to come out and try to figure out a solution to get them out and get rid of them for good.  I haven’t had issues in awhile, but some dumb squirrel managed to get itself stuck in there.

Had a terrible workout with Danny.  And by terrible, I mean I felt terrible during it. It was just a really rough workout.  No rest between the following:

1. SA squat and press – right arm (:30)

2. SA KB swing – right arm (:30)

3. SA RDL – right arm (:30)

4. SA squat and press – left arm (:30)

5. SA KB swing – left arm (:30)

6. SA RDL – left arm (:30)

7. Resistance band side steps – 25 yds

Due to the single sided movement we were doing, this was really tough on my back (scoliosis).  It is necessary for us to work on getting each of my sides of my back to develop muscle equally.  Its difficult when you do double sided movement because then one side has the opportunity to compensate for the other.


I had practice for worship team at church, so I was unable to go to yoga.  I’m really hating that I’m missing yoga class so much.


First Round (4x):

1. 12 squat and press

2. 6 resistance band bird dogs (each side)

3. Speed walk around the gym

Second Round (2x):

1. Side lunge w/medicine ball raise (6 each side)

2. 1 minute leg raises


Rest day!


Workout with Danny.  We did a similar workout to last Saturday.

Three Rounds:

1. High Pull to Goblet Squat (10)

2. Box step up, step down w/reverse lunge (5 each side)

3. Jump Rope 2 minutes

Afterwards, Michael and I ran some errands, then we made a stop at Redbox.  We picked up the movie “Maze Runner.”  Highly recommend it – we loved it!  It is intense and keeps you on edge though.  We experimented a little with our new Ninja mixer and made some fruit smoothies.  Later that night, we had a couples shower to go to for a good friend of mine (who will also be making our wedding cake!)


Church in the morning.  We had lunch at a nice little coffeehouse called Aromas.  After lunch, we had our first premarital counseling session with our pastor and his wife.

How were your workouts this week? Ever been to a couples shower?

(Lack of) Motivation & Losing a Trainer

Prepare thy-selves for a pity party. I’m really good at them!

I’ve become painfully aware of the fact that I haven’t posted much outside of my weekly updates recently.  I’ve been in a funk with my workouts & my motivation, and as a result, I don’t have a lot to talk about.

I have Shamrock in two months and I’m not on any type of running schedule.  I’m way behind and I know it.  Sometimes that motivates me, but right now, its seeming to paralyze me.  My workouts have been hard and frustrating (more so than they should be).

I’m quite sure that I’m in this funk due to the weather and the general cold and yuckiness.  The other thing is that my trainer is going to leave me.  (Throws pity party for myself) Danny and I have been working together for two years.  He’s not just my trainer, he’s my friend.  He motivates me, teaches me, listens to me, counsels me, frustrates me, encourages me….and pretty soon, that’s going to be gone.  He’s moving on to better and brighter things after graduating college in the spring.  I know, I know, I’m spending a lot of time worrying about what is going to happen months from now.  I’m thrilled at what he is going to go out and accomplish.  He has to much to teach, so much to bring to the world….and he is going to flourish.  I’m just upset at my personal loss.  I realize that is selfish of me, but hey…I’m human.

don't leave

This is all of Danny’s clients…


Any motivational quotes for me? Have you ever had a trainer/coach leave you?

Weekly Update – 1/12/15


I ended up not making it to yoga.  I left work late, traffic was horrible, I had to stop by my mom’s house….and by the time I got home, I would have been late to class.  Not to mention I wouldn’t have been able to eat dinner!

So I decided to be productive instead!  I FINALLY took down my Christmas tree, and then vacuumed and such after.


Danny night. We’ve been doing a lot of strength exercises, and a few conditioning exercises…now we are going to switch up the ratio and do fewer strength exercises.  I have a desire to get some weight off, and this is the new strategy.

Three Rounds:

1. High Pull to Goblet Squat (10)

2. Ski lunges (25 yds)

Three Rounds:

1. 20 back and forth jumps over a line

2. 20 side to side jumps over a line

3. 10 jump and turn

4. 20 resistance band lateral steps

5. 10 Y Raise split jumps


Yoga was rough.  I don’t know why, but I had a really hard time with class.  I had a lot of trouble with balance.  I ended up in child’s pose a few times, because the poses were just not happening. It’s a little frustrating to have a class like that.


Danny/Nicole night.  Danny had to leave about halfway through my session, so Nicole finished up with me.

First Set (3x):

1. 10 KB squats

2. 10 KB shrug and SA back row (each side)

3. 10 Double KB snatch

Second Set (3x):

1. Side shuffle (25 yds)

2. 10 Paloff Presses (each side)

3. 1 minute rope slams


We went to a nice restaurant in Virginia Beach for a work celebration for getting through the craziness of the last few weeks.  It was a nice time!


Worked out with Danny.

Three Rounds:

1. Box step up, step down w/reverse lunge (10 each side)

2. Squat and press (10)

Two Rounds of 3-2-1 on the basketball court:

1. 3 sprints, back pedal on the return

2. 2 side shuffle (down and back)

3. 1 high skips


Had church in the morning.  I came home and was a little lazy for awhile, but then I got to work and starting cleaning up some general mess in the house.  I also started going through some stuff that I need to get rid of to make room for Michael to move in!

January Stitch Fix Review (Stitch Fix #1)

Have you guys tried Stitch Fix yet?!?! I’m beginning to think that it is a fabulous idea!


I know this is outside of my normal fitness/running blogging, but hey – its my blog, and I want to blog about my awesome clothes!  I’m going to apologize in advance for my horrible ugly pictures. I planned to take pictures with them on…but that didn’t work out.

Here’s how it works: You set up a style profile and you receive a box with 5 items in it.  You can choose the frequency with which you set up the box …once a month, every other month, etc.  You pay $20 to recieve a box.  If you keep anything, that $20 goes toward your purchase.  If you keep all 5 items, you get a discount!  They send you anything from jewelry, to clothes to handbags. If you don’t want to keep an item, they have an envelope to send them back.

What I love about this is that I get a stylist that looks at my style profile and picks out items just for ME.  You can even link to a pinterest board so they can get inspiration and a better look into what you like.

All in all, I love the STYLE of my fix. I loved the look of everything.  Spoiler alert: I had some trouble with the fit.

 Item Number 1 – Moss V-Neck Pleated Dress ($68) Its so beautiful.  When I opened it, I knew that if it didn’t fit, I’d ask my stylist to send me another in the correct size.

jan stitch fix 2

….It didn’t fit. I’m sad.  I asked to get it again in the next size up!

Item Number 2 – Riley Distressed Boyfriend Jean ($68)

The sizing was way off on this one, even taking into consideration that I may have not perfectly filled out my style profile.  These were men’s size 30 waist.  I am a size 12…clearly a 30 waist is not going to work.   I love the look of them, but I couldn’t even get them on.

jan stitch fix 4

Item Number 3 – Pasadena Crochet Front Short Sleeve Blouse ($48)

I felt iffy about the style on this one, but my real concern was the sizing.  It was too tight in the bust.  Otherwise, I really like it.

jan stitch fix 1

Item Number 4 – Ava Floral Print Silk Henley Blouse ($88)

Why oh why, do I love the most expensive item in the bunch? This blouse is beautiful! Its also the only item that fit me. I partially wanted to keep it, just so I could say that I kept something, but I also really loved it!

jan stitch fix 5

Confession: I kept it! I love it!

Item Number 5 – Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer ($78)

I was really excited about this one, but it is way too small.  Its more of a jersey knit material, so I’m not sure its even work appropriate. I was hoping for a bit more structure to it.  It’s cute though.

jan stitch fix 3

 Lessons’ Learned

I think I need to adjust my style profile.  Clearly, normal sizing is not working for these clothes, I need to size up a little.

My stylist totally gets my style though – absolutely love all the items, just couldn’t get the sizing right this go around. I made some tweaks to the sizing so hopefully I’ll get a much better fit next time!

Overall Impression

I love this concept.  Once my stylist and I get the sizing right, I think we’ll get in a good groove!

If you are interested in getting your very own Stitch Fix box, click here.

*Note: This post is not sponsored.  I love Stitch Fix and purchase it with my own money and desire to share my love of it with you all fine people!  If you do chose to use the above link to sign up, I do receive credit toward my next purchase! (So click away!!!) If you sign up for Stitch Fix, you will also get a referral link for you to share with friends and loved ones!*


Weekly Update – 1/5/15

Happy New Year, all! It was quite a long week!


Yoga with Jaye was great.  I hadn’t been to yoga since BEFORE Christmas, and I was really missing it.  It was great to use my new yoga mat bag! Jaye sped through class a little…I hope she does a slower, more restorative class soon.


Danny night.  I got there pretty early and got almost a full half hour of foam rolling and stretching in.

Four Rounds of the following:

1. Kettlebell swings (15)

2. Plank for :30

3. Goblet Squats (15)

4. Glute Bridge for :30

Then we foam rolled and did some other stretches for my back.  After working all weekend in a horrible desk chair, my back is pretty unhappy with me.


I skipped yoga for a rest day.   After working all weekend, I needed it.


Danny night.

Three Rounds:

1. Sumo squat with 40 lb dumb bell (12)

2. SA right kettle bell swings (8)

3. Sumo squat with 40 lb dumb bell (12)

4. SA left kettle bell swings (8)

5. Ski lunges – 25 yds

Then we did some power rangers.  🙂


Rest rest rest.  Michael and I got together with his brother about him buying Michael’s condo!


No Danny today.  Which honestly, after the chaos of last weekend, I was SO ready to sleep in.  Michael and I went to Richmond to go shop for wedding bands.  We also went to Short Pump and walked around for awhile and got a late lunch.


Church in the morning.  After church, I went over to my friend Sara’s house (one of my bridesmaids) and talked about crafts for the wedding.  She is super crafty and amazing so I solicited her help.  I’m super excited!

Wedding Planning Update

Its been a whirlwind journey since getting engaged last April.  I never was a the type of girl to be obsessed with weddings. I certainly didn’t give it much thought other than the fact that I wanted to get married.

The planning process has been pretty smooth until this point.  Michael and I were able to make all the big decisions pretty easily, and we got a lot of the big stuff done early on in the process (venue, catering, photographer, DJ, etc).

We’ve picked out the dresses for the girls and the suits for the guys and are just waiting for them to get all their orders in.  We are going to get our rings this weekend.  I’ve picked out the invitations and are going to order them soon! I finally have a hair stylist booked!

I’ve had trouble asking for help thus far, but I’m starting to ask for it.  I don’t want to be demanding, but if someone offers to help…I’m taking them up on it! I’m going to be working on crafts with one of my bridesmaids this week…she is super crafty and I know I can count on her to help execute my ideas well.  My other bridesmaids have been taking off with shower/bachelorette party planning.

I’m starting to stress out about some things, and I’m trying not to.  The goal at the end of all this is to be married.  Who cares if the decorations don’t look like what I imagined?  Who cares if something little goes wrong? It won’t matter in the end.  What matters is that I will be married to the love of my life.

If you are married or engaged: what things did/do you stress out about during wedding planning?

When planning something or working on a project, do you have trouble asking for help?

Weekly Update – 12/29


I wanted to go to yoga class so bad! I had a holiday dinner with my coworkers, and since I can’t pass up a free meal….

It was really great to meet everyone’s significant others (or see them again!) I found out that my good friend Shaun got engaged! We’ve worked together for about 4 years and we are work BFFs.  Because of the holidays, we both took vacation time, and that was the first time I’d seen him since he got engaged.  SO happy for him!


Danny night. I was having a lot of sinus pressure and asked him to take it easy on me!

Three rounds of the following:

1. 10 SA Thrusters (right arm)

2. 5 Squat to High Pull with a burpee

3. 10 SA Thrusters (left arm)

4. 5 Squat to High Pull with a burpee

5. Farmer’s carry (right arm 25 yds, left arm 25 yds)


The gym closed early for New Year’s so no yoga for me! Michael and I had mexican for dinner (yum!) and rented “The Giver.” Great movie.  It was wonderful to have a low-key NYE.


We had the day off for New Year’s – so I worked out with Danny at noon.

Four (?) Rounds of the following:

1. Goblet Squats (10)

2. SA Bent over rows (10 each side)

3. SA Cleans (5 each side)

4. SL RDLs (5 each side)

5. Farmer’s Carry (50 yds)

Michael and I relaxed for the rest of the day.  We rented “Divergent” which I loved! Now I want to binge read the series.

Friday – Saturday – Sunday

Work.  All.  Weekend.  So exhausted.  We purchased another bank and had to convert all their accounts/systems/branches over to ours over the weekend.

How were your workouts this week?  Have you ever worked on a major work project all weekend?


2015 Race Schedule

I’ve given a lot of thought to my schedule for 2015.  In fact, I’ve been thinking about it since November when I started thinking about new year’s resolutions!  I learned a lot of lessons about running, training, and my race schedule in 2014.  One of the biggest takeaways: I hate training for half marathons.  My body does not prefer long distances.  Then, mentally, I get discouraged, and its a bad cycle.  I do, however, like the challenge of a half marathon.

So! This is how I thought about planning for 2015:

1. Only one half marathon

2. Do the races that you LOVE

3. Try some new races

4. Other than the one half, stick with 10k or shorter distances

5. Stay injury free!

I’m very excited about this schedule.  I think it will be much more manageable, less stressful, and I will really get to ENJOY the run.  I also hope that by sticking with mostly shorter distances, I will be able to get my speed improved!

If all goes well, here is my schedule for 2015!


Game Day 5k or 10k


Shamrock 8k

Shamrock Half Marathon


Big Blue 5k


Chickfila 5k or 10k

Run for the Dream 8k (possibly – this is the week before my wedding…)


I get married!!!


Allen Stone Run/Swim/Run

*Kristin and Hollie have said nothing but good things about this race, I’m thinking about giving it a shot!


Crawlin Crab 5k

Wicked 10k


Harbor Lights 5k

Alumni 5k


ChristmasTown 8k

Surf N Santa 5 miler


Have you already planned your race schedule for 2015? Do you prefer longer or shorter distances?

2014 – First Half Marathon, Engagement and Life Lessons!

2014 was a fantastic year for me! I hope all of you feel the same way.  I think its really important to reflect on the year and focus on the positive!


I hadn’t started this blog yet, but it was brewing in my mind!  I started my training for my first half marathon!


I began this blog! It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I have loved the community that I’ve found with you guys! Its nearly impossible to articulate how encouraging each one of you is!

Michael and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together and he spoiled me rotten.

tiffany necklace

Its so beautiful!



I ran my first half marathon – Shamrock! Not only did I run my first half, but I completed the Dolphin Challenge by doing the 8k and Half Marathon in the same weekend. It was such a rewarding experience.

Celebratory beer and 8k medal

Celebratory beer and 8k medal

My race bling!

My race bling!

Michael and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary.

We know we are obnoxiously in love and we don't care! :)

We know we are obnoxiously in love and we don’t care! 🙂

Pretty roses!

Pretty roses!

We also went to see comedian Gabriel Iglesias!

At the Gabriel Iglesias show!


April was my favorite month this year!

Michael and I went to Florida and I got to go to Key West for the first time!

photo 3 (2)

Sunset Cruise in Key West


photo 2 (2)

Key West Sunset


photo 1 (2)

Sunset Cruise in Key West



Pool in Orlando


Beautiful flowers from Michael!

Beautiful flowers from Michael!

Hotel in Orlando

Hotel in Orlando

The water was so clear and warm

The water was so clear and warm

On April 19th, Michael proposed!



The ring!

The ring!

On April 21st, I celebrated my 27th birthday.

Michael's parents


In May, I ran the Chickfila 5k and logged my worst 5k time ever due to major sinus issues! But the Chickfila sandwich at the end totally made up for it.


I bought my wedding dress in June and did lots of other wedding things!

say yes to the dress

I said yes to the dress!



In July, I fell out of love with running, then made a re-commitment to get my act together for my fall races.


I started to focus a lot on a balance of different types of workouts and came up with a killer workout schedule that I kinda kept to….


September brought a lot of anxiety and stress, but also brought things like my 1 year anniversary and a great anniversary trip.

cape charles 2

cape charles 3

cape charles


October was a busy month.

I ran my second half marathon – Crawlin Crab.  I did both the 5k and the half marathon for the Shell Yeah Challenge.  I learned a hard lesson about proper fueling when I bonked early.

crawlin crab 5k 2014

Allyson and I after the 5k

shell yeah 2014

After the half!


shell yeah 2014 2

Shell Yeah Challenge bling!

Michael and I took a mini vacation to the mountains and got our engagement pictures taken.

engagement 2

engagement 3


Later in the month, I ran the Wicked 10k.

wicked 10k 2014

Wicked 10k 2014


wicked 10 2014 2

I’m such a cheeseball.



In November, I ran my third half marathon – Harbor Lights.  I was very pleased with my mental fortitude during this race as well as my fueling plan!

My AWESOME friend Diane who totally kicked butt!

My AWESOME friend Diane who totally kicked butt!


harbor lights finisher

Harbor Lights!



Hollie is a pro at taking pics!

Hollie is a pro at taking pics!


Who doesn’t love December?!

I ran my first 5-miler at the Surfin Santa. It was also my first twilight race.


Then of course, Christmas with my dear family and friends.

Merry christmas

Engaged ornament


2014 was a great year and 2015 promises to be ever more incredible!  Happy New Year everyone!