Upcoming Christmas Race

This Saturday, I will be running the Surfin’ Santa 5 miler.  It’ll be my first “twilight” race, as it starts at 4pm.  I’m excited at the prospect of a race that is not in the morning, since I’m not a morning person, but I’m a little unsure how to fuel properly for this race.

The course will take through the Christmas lights at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  Christmas and running combined?! What could be better? I’m really excited about this one.  I love running new races!

I am nervous about the weather.  We are supposed to get rain on Saturday night and its supposed to be in the low 40s.  Yuck.  I’ve been so beyond lucky, that I’ve never run a race in rain.  Its rained right before, and right after, but never during the race.

Also important to note: this is my first 5 miler! I’ve done plenty of 8ks, which we all know are basically a 5 miler, but not actually (4.97)! So technically, whatever time I get will be a PR!

Any tips on how to fuel for a night-time race? Any tips for racing in the rain?

13 thoughts on “Upcoming Christmas Race

  1. I have never thought of running short races, since I ran my first half and full marathons a few years ago. I think that it is interesting to see so many runners actually run short races when they’re capable of running marathons (and also they run many short runs on their own while training for a half or a full marathon). I guess it helps them stay motivated. And some short races are pure fun, I suspect. I guess that one could find this particular race challenging in terms of the time of the day as well as the temperature. I don’t do anything differently when I go for a run at 9 or 10 pm (sometimes I just can’t find time other than night time after work). But that’s just me. In terms of temperature, maybe you want something like arm sleeves on if you’re not keen on wearing a lightweight windbreaker. Hope you get a PR.

  2. Well, it’s your first 5 miler and your first twilight race, so you basically go in expecting a PR (which you get no matter what), and you look at the fueling as an experiment too.

    I have run a number of evening races and basically I just try to eat light all day. I eat a light lunch and sometimes a bit earlier than I usually would eat lunch- then maybe a small snack 2 hours before (kinda like how I usually eat my very small breakfast 2 hours before a morning race).

    As far as rain goes… bring dry clothes and DRY SHOES. Running through standing water and in puddles is the worst part, not really that the rain is falling.

    • Thanks for the advice, makes sense to eat lighter throughout the day. I’ll probably do my normal routine of a Clif bar about an hourish before.

      Yeah – I thought about the dry clothes, but sometimes remembering dry shoes slips my mind!!! I actually really love to put on flip flops after a race. Probably horrible for your feet, but feels so daggone good.

  3. As far as fueling goes, on days with an evening race I go with No coffee (ok, usually one cup early in the morning), clean eating all the way and in the late afternoon some extra carbs to fuel up and be sure to not be hungry during the race.
    Keep hydrated all day long and you should be fine. Good luck!

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