Weekly Update – 12/8


Yoga.  We did a little more of a restorative class, which was lovely. Jaye turned off all the lights and lit class with just Christmas lights, and we listened to Christmas music.  New favorite way to practice yoga!!!!


Four Rounds:

1. Cable machine row and squat (15)

2. Goblet jump squats (10 each side)

3. Weighted hip hinge (10)


No workout for me on Wednesday. Michael and I left straight from work to go to a Christmas party thrown by one of our vendors.  Got to love free food and drinks!  I got to meet some of his former co-workers from Regent University and they are all fantastic.


Workout with Danny!

First Round (3x?):

1. Power Rangers** (10 each side)

2. Windmills(5 each side)

3. Wide stance inchworm with pushup (5)

Second Round (3x):

1. SA KB Squat and press (12 each side)

2. Medicine Ball overhead slams (8)

3. High Pulls with a jump (4)

**I don’t know what these are called, its just what I call them.  Wide stance, and you use a resistance band and make a half circle with your arms, and come back down.


Rest. Sleep. Watch Christmas movies.  I didn’t care.  After the week I had at work, I just wanted to not think.  Michael knew I had a crappy week and he brought me roses!!! He’s so sweet.

We hung out for awhile and watched a weird Jared Leto movie called “Mr. Nobody.”


Danny!  Did some warm up stuff then did as many rounds as we could in 15 minutes.  Because we talk too much, we only got 2x through and the second time we cut the reps in half.  Oops! The first time through we did 10 reps, the second time through, only 5.

1. SA right side Dumb bell floor press (10)

2. SA right side Dumb bell row in push-up position (10)

3. SA right side RDLs (10)

4. SA right side snatch (10)

5. Jump Rope – 1 minute

6. SA left side Dumb bell floor press (10)

7. SA left side Dumb bell row in push-up position (10)

8. SA left side RDLs (10)

9. SA left side snatch (10)

10. Jump Rope – 1 minute

After my workout, I got a shower and Michael and I finished up the last of the Christmas shopping!  We watched Christmas with the Kranks, which is a fantastic movie 🙂


Church in the morning.  I had so much yard work to do that I had been putting off, and because it was a nice day, I decided to suck it up and get it done.  I pulled all the dead stuff out of the flower beds, now my house looks SO MUCH BETTER.  Then I raked and bagged the backyard.

Finished the night off by catching up on some TV shows I had recorded and wrapped Christmas presents.

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