Current Obsessions

So I go through phases were I become obsessed with a CD or a food, or a TV show.  I will do nothing but focus on those things.  I wanted to share with you a few of my obsessions right now:



1. Pentatonix – I am listening to their two Christmas albums on repeat.  All day.  My poor coworkers have probably heard their rendition of “White Winter Hymnal” about 15 times today.  And me singing harmony to it.

These are my go -to snack

These are my go -to snack

2. Oats and Dark Chocolate granola bars by Nature Valley – I could eat them all day.

yoga stretch all the things

3. Yoga – I LOVE yoga right now.

hex bar deadlift

This is not me lol


4. Hex-Bar Deadlifts – I’m still learning proper form for lifting, and the hex bar deadlift is my current favorite exercise.  Plus I feel pretty awesome when I lift around 100 lbs.

Women's Chunky-Knit Infinity Scarves - CREAM

Everyone needs one of these


5. My Old Navy Scarves – I think I wear my huge Old Navy scarves almost every day.  My dad even asked me why I wear them all the time.  Um, cause they are awesome?

6.  Christmas everything – Christmas music, decorating, shopping, wrapping, cheesy Hallmark movies…I love Christmas.

elf smiling

7. Elf – I cannot get enough of this movie. I watched it two nights in a row.

What are some of your favorite things right now?  What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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