Weekly Update – 12/1

If this week is any indication of how the holiday season is going to go, it will be absent of a regular schedule. Oh well!


I’ve missed yoga! It was a hard class, I had to take a few breaks! However, my half moon was really strong – on BOTH sides, which felt amazing. I don’t know how Jaye manages to turn a 75 minute class into a 90 minute class, but she does it every time…that’s a lot of yoga!


Michael and I had an event for a vendor at work that required us to have cocktails and food.  Oh the horror! (Sarcasm alert)  It worked out because Danny was unable to train with me – exam week for him.

However, the best laid plans don’t always work out.  Both Michael and I had to work late so we didn’t get to go.  Since it was too late for me to get a workout in by the time I got home and ate dinner (a very late one!), I opted to wrap Christmas presents.  I love Christmas.


No yoga because I had church practice.  I’m on the worship team and we had to run a lot of Christmas songs. I love spending time with my church family.


Trained with Nicole in Danny’s absence.  I LOVE HER.

First Round (5x):

1. Row 100 meters

2. Jump Rope 1 minute

Second Round (3x):

**All of these were on the cable machine

1. 15 hip pulls

2. 10 SA squat and row (each side)

3. 5 arm sequence (I don’t know how to explain the movement lol)


I ended up working lots of overtime due to some last minute issues at work.  It was a rough Friday!


Cancelled with Danny because it was the annual craft show at my former high school.  Its been a tradition for my mom and I to go together.  I got a few Christmas gifts for people…and maybe some for myself!  And I got to see Momma LOLZ so that is always a plus!  After the craft show, Mom and I went to JoJacks – an LOLZ favorite and one of mine too!

Michael and I watched “Love Actually” and I was surprised that he loved it!


After church, we went to visit Michael’s parents.  We had a lovely fire in the fireplace and it was a very relaxing day!

Does your regular schedule get turned upside down during the holidays? Have you ever gone to a craft show?


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