Race Volunteers

I want to take a minute to thank anyone out there who has volunteered to work a race…and apologize for all the times you aren’t thanked!

Race Volunteers – thank you for:

– Holding out freezing cold cups of water and not getting upset when I accidentally spill it on you when I fail to grab it

– Making sure I stay on course

– Encouraging me…you seem to know exactly when I need it most

– Giving me food and water at the end of the race – I may not be cooherent when I take them from you, but know that I’m thankful

-Handing out that precious medal! Major props if you put it around my neck for me

-Handing out my race packet and not being upset when I’m grumpy with you from waiting in line

-Getting up early and standing for hours on end

-Letting the runners be selfish and giving of yourself without recognition

-Standing out in the hot/cold/rain to take care of the runners

-Keeping my stuff safe at gear check

-And so much more!!!

Races would be nothing without the race volunteers and the race organizers.  I think so often we complain about the negative things about the races, and don’t often think of all the hours of work that went into the things that went right!

My goal for 2015 is to volunteer at a race.  I haven’t decided what race yet, but I would really love to be involved in that way.

Have you ever volunteered at a race?  What do you most appreciate from race volunteers?

4 thoughts on “Race Volunteers

  1. I’ve only volunteered for a race once and technically I was paid by my company to do so — I can’t imagine giving so much time to that with hardly a thank-you! But you’re right — volunteers are incredible! And there’s always so many!

  2. I think every runner should volunteer at a race at least once. It’s such an important factors to runners and I truly think it allows people to be more grateful. I love this post!

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