Weekly Update – 11/24


I decided to take the day off after my half marathon.  I really like treating myself to a mani/pedi the day after. It was a lovely day 🙂


Light workout with Danny. I forgot to recap during the week so I have no clue what we did.  We did a lot of hip mobility exercises since my hip flexors were sore from my half.


Last day at work before my long weekend! I skipped yoga since I knew I’d be doing a workout on Thursday AM. Michael and I put up his tree!

Michael's Tree!

Michael’s Tree!


No Turkey Trot for me….I worked out with FIT360 in the morning.  I’m telling you what, class is no joke.  After a few minutes of stretching/warmup, we got split up and started on one of the 3 stations.  We rotated stations with our original grouping. I’m going to try to remember what we did….Still in a turkey coma!

Station 1 – Medicine Balls:

*Each movement was done for 1 minute

1. Overhead Wall balls

2. Underhand Wall Balls

3. Bear Crawls with med ball push

4. Partner work – one partner does a sit up and throws the ball, the other receives, then does a burpee

5. Switch off on the previous exercise

6. Lateral slides tossing the ball with a partner

Station 2 – Conditioning:

*Each movement was done for 1 minute

1. Kettlebell Swing jumps

2. Farmer’s Carry with KB

3. Tennis ball grounders

4. 17s – try to run and touch the side walls of the gym 17 times

5. I don’t even know how to explain this…It was like hopscotch

6. Minute rest.

Station 3 – Dumbbells:

*each movement is done for 30 seconds.  Did all right arm, then all left.

1. SA Cleans

2. SA Thrusters

3. SA Half-Kneel to standing with overhead press

4. SA Renegade row

5. I don’t remember this one…

6. Goblet hold split jumps

Then it was TURKEY TIME! Michael’s mom got pretty sick the night before thanksgiving, so Michael drove to their house to get all the food they were going to bring to my Dad’s house.








Slept in, did some online shopping and Christmas shopping planning.  Michael and I had a pretty lazy day.  It was quite wonderful!


Got up and worked out with Danny!

Four rounds:

1. 10 suitcase carry deadlifts (each side)

2. 5 Reverse lunges (each side)

Three rounds on the cable machine, I don’t know how to explain the should complex we did, all I know is I was sore from the dumb bell round on Thursday and it was hard!

I also put up my tree, but I didn’t take any pictures.  Blogging fail.


Church in the morning, then went to MacArthur mall to get some shopping done and watch all the little kids wait in line for Santa.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you do any Christmas shopping?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 11/24

  1. I am proud to say that I am mostly finished my Christmas shopping. Far cry from last year!
    It sounds like you had a great week last week! I always like to treat myself to a pedi after a big race too. (Although I usually feel bad for the people working on my feet.)

    • Wow! Congrats! Isn’t it so nice to get a lot done early?! I think a mani/pedi is my new favorite splurge after a race. The woman who does my feet is the sweetest and never complains about my feet. She says I take care of them really well for a runner 🙂

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