Weekly Update – 10/27


Yoga with Jaye.  It felt so good to get back to yoga.  It was a pretty tough class but I really enjoyed it.


Danny night – we went outside with the absolutely horrible mosquitoes.  Its really hard to work out with mosquitoes constantly in your face and biting you!

First Round (3x):

1. 12 hex bar deadlift (95 lbs)

2. 8 (each side) backward lunge with KB goblet hold (20 lbs)

Second Round (2):

1. 10 single leg deadlifts (each side) with 10 lb dumb bells

2. Bear crawls


Yoga with Jaye.  I really enjoyed class a lot.  I felt really strong. Super sore from the previous day’s workout with Danny though – ouch on those hex bar deadlifts!


Danny night – outside in the amazing fall weather!

First Round (4x):

1. 12 squat and hold with 30lb KB press

2. 6 each side, single leg hamstring stretch w/back row (10 lb dumb bells)

Second Round (2x):

1. 12 weighted hip hinges

2. 6 each side split squat and hold with overhead DB press (10 lbs)


Halloween! I froze my rear end off while sitting outside with the fiance and the neighbors handing out candy!


Danny asked me to come to the nutrition panel at 9am before our training session at 10am.  I’ll write more about that later – but it was really awesome!

The workout was pretty simple, 4 rounds of the following:

1. Split Squat hold with 12 single arm T bar shoulder presses

2. 8 Paloff presses

3. 6 box step-ups with 20 lb dumb bell in hand of side stepping up


Church in the morning, then mom and I went to try on my WEDDING DRESS!!!! AHHHHHH! I want to keep it secret from Michael so I don’t want to put it on the interwebs, but to quote Hollie: “Omfg, you look absolutely beautiful Lauren”

Also, shoutout to my friend Allyson Wolf who rocked it at the NYC Marathon with a 4:28 finish! She met her goals of running the first half non-stop (which she did, under 2 hrs!) and running every bridge!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 10/27

  1. I didn’t know you knew Allison. I’m glad you are doing what you want to do with your running. It makes complete sense. It was so cold this weekend (including Halloween).

    • Yeah – Allyson and I did chorus together in high school, and she’s a personal trainer at my gym, so I see her a lot. She did very well and I’m very proud of her. It was VERY cold! Not ready for it yet!

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