Wicked 10k

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Awesome medal!

I just LOVE J&A Races.  The Wicked 10K is another favorite of mine that I really enjoy.  I was hopeful for improvement on last year’s time (1:21:28), but – spoiler alert – that was not in the cards for me.

I decided to be a Starbucks barista this year.  I bought a green apron and a patch from Amazon and made my own Starbucks apron.  It was pretty easy to make and easy to run in. I don’t know why I don’t have any pictures of myself in my costume. Blogging fail.

Unlike most races, I went this year with some friends! I usually like to go alone and meet people there. I got up early and headed down the road to my friend Jessie’s house.  The crew we had was her mom, twin sister, sister’s husband and me.  We got on the road kinda late, but made pretty good time to the convention center.  We did race day packet pick up (never again, I hate it).  Her mom was sweet to hold our stuff for us during the race.

We got in line for the porta-potties around 7:45am (8am start time).  We heard Team Hoyt and company start just before 8am, and rushed over once we were done.  Corral 1-2 were already off.  We were starting in Corral 5.  I stuck with Jessie and Emily for the 1st mile, then they started to pull away.  I completely lost sight of them by mile 2.

I was able to do a half a few weeks ago, but I guess from being sick, my breathing sucked and I just lacked the stamina to keep up a good pace for this 10k.  I settled in at a 12:30 pace and just decided that I’d enjoy the costumes and the course.

I’ve been having trouble with my feet (PF?) which I’m suspecting is related to the updated model of my shoes…but more on that later.  I also have a really tight left achilles, though I’m not sure why. I decided to take some walk breaks because the tightness in my left achilles was bothering me and my form was suffering.  I was attempting to have a 1:15:00 finish, but that slipped away.  Then I tried to shoot for 1:20:00 and I wasn’t sure that was possible, but I KNEW I could get under 1:25:00.  My official time was 1:22:49.

I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t disappointed.  However, I haven’t really been as healthy as I should be, and I’m certainly not logging the miles I should be.

I met up with Jessie and crew and we headed to the party to get a beer.  The after party was on the beach this year – which is fun, but I find it to be really chaotic.

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I can’t believe I’m sharing this horrible picture! Its the only one I took!

After hanging around a bit, we went to the most awesome diner called Pocahontas Pancakes and got the best food ever! Could this be a new race tradition!?

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This my friends is a Monte Cristo on french toast and home fries (hash browns) YUM.

Here were some of my favorite costumes! All pictures stolen off the Wicked 1ok’s facebook page:

1.  the Beatles’ yellow submarine  – comprised of FOUR people

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2. Step in Time – Mary Poppins!

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3. Cupcakes

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4. This really cool skeleton thing

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5. Save the tatas (2 people that made up a pair of boobies!)

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6. Army Man

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7. Kiss

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8. Trolls

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9. Headless Horseman – someone dragged this behind them!

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10.  A Starbucks frap!

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11. Mariachi amigo (this guy was fast!)

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12. Ghostbusters!

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 Have you ever done a Halloween race? What is the best costume you’ve ever seen someone run in?

5 thoughts on “Wicked 10k

  1. This sounds like a really fun race. I like that it was for all costumes, it seems like most costume races around here are zombies or scary costume themed, more than wearing whatever costume you want. Even if you didn’t PR I bet it was fun dressing up and doing it. I love seeing everyone’s costumes at costume races. We did a costumed fun run on Sunday- it wasn’t a race but they did have some prizes. I really enjoyed it!

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