Try all the socks

Ok, so I didn’t try all the socks, but I did try a few new ones!

Awhile back I wrote this post about trying out some new socks, so I thought I’d let you know what I thought of them! Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with these companies and all thoughts are my own.

Injinji Run Lightweight No Show Xtralife Socks


Omg, I love these things!  Its a little weird getting used to toe socks, but they are totally worth every penny!  I love the rise around the ankle, not too short.  No blisters on the ball of my foot after my last half marathon, which is a HUGE improvement.  My pinkie toe on my right foot is a bit wonky sometimes (I broke it in 2012) and the toenail cuts into the next toe.  This was a totally non issue with toe socks.  These get a HUGE thumbs up.

Injinji Sport Original Weight Micro Coolmax Socks

I only wore these once, so I don’t have a lot to say about them yet. The concept of the toe socks is the same, so great there.  Not as big of a fan of the cut around the ankle, but they are fine. Color is just ok.


Feetures! Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Sock

I want to like these socks, I really do.  I love the color, I love the cut around the ankle, I love the material…but I don’t love them.  I ordered the correct size for my feet (I’m not even close to the next size) and they feel big.  The “seamless” toe doesn’t mean that there aren’t seams, and the relocation of the seams ended up causing me blisters, probably because the sock is too big.  I LOVE the cut around the ankle though.  These socks have ended up becoming just normal workout socks and not running socks.

I really like the brand and many things about Feetures, but this doesn’t seem to be the right sock or right size.  If you are a fan of Feetures, I’d love to hear your advice on which ones work for you.

Have you ever tried any of these socks?  


4 thoughts on “Try all the socks

  1. I have those feetures… same colors… on my feet right now, actually. Toe socks don’t work for me, I am not sure why… it just seems like they bunch up or something in the toe box? I have a pair of feetures I got for free from a rep, the Elite Merrino wool ones. I *love* them. They are very soft and comfy. I also have some swiftwick brand socks I like and some Asics ones I got from a rep, those are pretty good too.

    I love Mizuno shoes, but I had some Mizuno socks that I won at a race, and I didn’t like them at all… too thin!

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