Sick Pity Party: Party of One

I’m sick and feel like having a pity party for myself.  Granted I’m not super sick, just mostly allergy and sinus kind of sick.  But it sucks not being able to breath through your nose.  I had to run a total of  1050 meters last night during my workout…. it was way harder than it should have been!

I think the change in the weather is just kicking my butt!

I have the Wicked 10k this weekend and I want to do it (Halloween themed!) I’m going to rest up like crazy these next few days, and push through. No way I’m going to miss the opportunity to dress up and run with a bunch of other crazies in a costume!

I wish this were true!

Are you a big baby like me when you are sick? Have you ever gotten sick the week of a race?


7 thoughts on “Sick Pity Party: Party of One

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling so good. I’m a very impatient patient when I get sick (even with the slightest hint of a sniffle) and would probably fit in well at a Halloween themed race without the aid of a costume! …. except, of course, for the fact that I’d never make it to the start line. 😉
    I hope you’re taking it easy and feeling better soon.

  2. Hey girl!! Yuck, sorry to hear you’re not feeling the best. I’ve gotten sick lots before swim meets because most of them are Fall/Winter time, so ugh, I know how you feel!! It always frustrates me so much! Feel better soon!! xoxo

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