Weekly Update – 10/13

Looking back at last week’s full week of rest after my half marathon, I can tell my body desperately needed it.  I felt so good after that.  Sometimes you just need more than a rest day here and there.

As far as workouts this week, it was a pretty relaxed one, which is totally ok.


Thanks to Columbus Day, I had the day off to catch up on bills, blogging, and just life in general.  Oh, and my DVR and all my shows 🙂


First day back to working out with Danny after my half.  We spent a lot of time talking about the half: what worked, what didn’t.  I noted that my core felt stronger, I had no shin pain, and my recovery seemed to be faster.  We started to talk about the gameplan for my next half on 11/23.

Workout: I don’t recall the specific exercises we did, but they were mostly corrective exercises with focus on breathing during specific parts of the movement.


Vinyasa yoga with Jaye. Getting back to yoga felt REALLY good.  I ended up a little sore the next day, but nothing crazy.  I really missed the stress relief and the mindfulness of the class.


Danny night. Yay for outside workouts in the gorgeous weather!

First Round (3x):

1. 12 (or 15 when I forget to count) KB press in lunge position (each side)

2. Bear crawls, forward and backwards for 25 yds total

Second Round (2x):

1. 10 Paloff presses (each side)

I’d like to point out that I was pretty sore the next day.  Guess that’s what happens when you have time off 🙂


Rest day! Did some wedding stuff with our venue 🙂 Afterwards, we went to the Broken Egg Bistro for dinner with Michael’s parents.  I had the best food ever!

Displaying photo.JPG

Chicken Cordon Bleu!


Danny was away.  I should have gotten a workout in, but I got a bunch of stuff done around the house that I’ve been neglecting. That’s kind of a workout, right?  I also got a lot of wedding stuff done. My brother and his fiance were in town, so I finally got to see them for the first time since their engagement.  Michael wasn’t feeling too good, so we had a pretty relaxed day.


Church in the morning, then Michael, David (his brother) and I headed down to Elizabeth City to see their parents.  Michael’s dad has a twin brother and he and his wife were in town visiting.  It was great to see them again; I haven’t seen them since our trip to Florida in March.

How was your week of workouts?  Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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