Weekly Update – 9/29

This was a light week in preparation of Crawlin Crab!


Monday AM: Forgot to set my alarm.  Again.

Monday PM: Yoga with Jaye.  Class was all over the place. I have trouble with her cues because they aren’t clear and I have to constantly look up at her to see if I’m doing the correct movement.


I worked from home since I had some work done on the house today.  My stress levels really diminished by not being physically at work.  If this is something that legitimately helps my stress and anxiety levels, I may see if I can work from home maybe a half day each week.

Danny cancelled, which is actually ok with me since its the week of Crawlin Crab.  No need to push it.


Wednesday AM: I’m about ready to give up on morning workouts.

Wednesday PM: Yoga was good. Pretty challenging class.


Danny.  We took it really light, just worked on some mobility stuff.  We didn’t want to do any heavy work before Crawlin Crab!


Actually planned not to have a morning workout, so nothing to beat myself up about missing!

I only worked a half day, then went to the expo and picked up my race packet!

Saturday – Sunday

Crawlin Crab! That’s for another post….


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