Crawlin Crab Weekend

The day(s) of reckoning was finally here!  I knew I hadn’t trained well for this weekend but knew I could do it.  I participated in the Shell Yeah Challenge, which consisted of doing the 5k on Saturday, and the half marathon on Sunday.  For completing the two races, you get all the benefits of each race and you get a special challenge medal.

Crawlin Crab 5k

Got up at 5:45am and got on the road at 6:30am. It was only about a 20 minute drive, and the 5k didn’t start until 8am.  It was humid already in the am, but not too hot.  I hung out with my friend Allyson from high school and a few people from our gym.

I was meeting up with an acquaintance of mine named Heather.  I met her a few years ago when Extreme Home Makeover came to my area.  She and her friend and friend’s daughter were going to do the 5k.  I didn’t know they didn’t actually register until we lined up in our corral.  I was very upset that they were going to bandit the race, but I figured as long as they didn’t take a medal, it was fine.

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Race Bandits! GRRRRR.

Since Heather and I were doing the half on Sunday, we decided to walk.  My official time for the 5k was 50.24….clearly we walked slow.

I was very upset when they took medals at the end of the race.  UGH.  After they left, Allyson and I went in to get a beer and food and celebrate.  They had an awesome craft beer festival and soup from Baker’s Crust (yum!)

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My awesome friend Allyson!

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Beer! Check out that bling too 🙂

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Allyson’s adult sippy cup!


Crawlin Crab Half Marathon

Got up at 5:30am, and got on the road around 6:20am.  The start of the half was 8am too.  It was pretty cold when I got up, only 44 degrees, but I knew it was going to warm up to the 60s.  I had a hard time committing to a race day outfit because I couldn’t decide between short sleeves and a tank.  Opted for short sleeves.  Got myself together and went inside to kill time with Allyson.

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Me and Heather!

Heather showed up, we checked our dry bags and got in our corral.  I was in corral 5, and we only started 8 minutes after the official start, which was awesome.  I lost Heather in the first quarter mile.

Since I knew I hadn’t trained well, I was aware that I was going to have to walk some.  However, I felt pretty good, so I set little goals for myself.  Run to a 5k.  Then run to the 5 mile mark.  Then run to the 10k mark.  At the 10k mark, I decided to walk until I hit 7 miles.  I also had a Gatorade chew.

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Views from the race. The weather was amazing!

I started run/walk intervals of a half mile.  At 8.5 miles, I started feeling really lightheaded and weak.  I had another Gatorade chew and half of my Clif bar.  I started taking more Gatorade at the water stops.  9 miles is where it fell apart.  I resigned myself to walking because I just felt so weak.  Nothing seemed to help.  The only thing that kept me going was the promise of finishing in about an hour (walking).  I made a friend at 11.5 miles and stayed with her till the end.  We ran in the last half mile together.

I finished at 3:14:36.  I finished about 20 minutes faster at Shamrock….but I also really intensely trained for that.  I was a little frustrated with my time, but learned a valuable lesson.  I went out too fast and wasn’t fueled properly.  But most importantly, I didn’t train well.  Training is SO CRUCIAL.

But, despite my frustrations, I’m proud of myself for taking on the challenge and finishing!

Michael met me at the finish line and we went in for beer and soup. Never has food tasted so good.

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I don’t know how I managed to look this happy, I was exhausted!

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All the race bling! That Challenge medal is HUGE!


After we had our fill, we got on the road. He followed me back home so I could get my shower.  He let me be lazy on the couch while he picked up lunch and some Starbucks.  I have an awesome fiance 🙂

Did any of you race this weekend? Anyone do the Crawlin Crab?

12 thoughts on “Crawlin Crab Weekend

  1. YES!! I DID CRAWLIN’ CRAB!! 😉 😉 😉 Great job girl!! You pushed through and finished strong!! You’re amazing- you did BOTH races!! Um, AWESOME x 1000!! You’re so adorable and just the sweetest!! So proud of you!! Happy Monday! Have a fab week! xoxo

  2. It sounds like you had a great time. I’m really excited you enjoyed both races. That is a bit frustrating that they took a medal from the race, so I can understand your frustration there.

  3. I raced a 5K this past weekend and did okay. I really wasn’t feeling it, but when you sign up for something and pay, I guess it’s hard for me to just not go, ya know? That’s neat that you did both races too. I also agree it’s frustrating that someone bandited a race and took a medal. I guess the roads are technically free for anyone to be on, so if you choose to bandit a race that’s on you, but it’s not good to take a medal or refreshments, etc from those who have paid and may finish after you (or someone possibly didn’t get one?)

    • Congrats on the 5k – and yeah, I understand about committing to a race, you gotta do it!
      I get frustrated by race bandits who take resources, but ok with the ones that don’t. I don’t even mind them taking water…just don’t take food or medals.

  4. Congrats on your race! I am the co- race director of the race and agree with your sentiments about bandits in races. We do a hard job of trying to keep our race courses safe and ordering the correct quantities of swag for each participant. It is upsetting that people try to take advantage of the situation.

    • Thanks for stopping by!!! Such an honor 🙂 I was very frustrated about their choice to bandit. I wish there was a clearer way to prevent it, but hopefully they won’t ever do it again! You put on a great race and I absolutely loved it!

  5. Congrats on doing both races! I did the half at Crawling Crab and it wasn’t my best race either. But that’s awesome you set goals throughout the race to meet! Way to push through!

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