Weekly Update – 9/1

This was a pretty boring, uneventful week.  Kind of a slow week with my workouts, which was good, apparently I needed the rest.


Labor Day – so I did the opposite of Labor Day and I rested.  🙂


Work was really rough.  One of those days.  You know the kind.  I was pretty much in my “I hate everything” mode when I got to the gym. Danny night.  I was hoping my ankle wouldn’t give me too much trouble. Seemed to be ok.

First Round (2x):

1. 10 Power Rangers (each side) with resistance band

2. 10 kneeling row/press (each side) with resistance band

Second Round (3x):

1. 2o goblet squat jumps

2. 20 squat and hold KB front press

3. 10 kneeling to standing reverse grip KB press


Wednesday AM: Due to my ankle issue, I decided to scratch my run and just rest it up one more day.

Wednesday PM: Vinyasa yoga.  This was my first yoga class without Sue as my instructor.  I’m not really a fan of Jaye’s style.  I’m not even entirely sure you could call this a vinyasa class.  It seemed all over the place. And she doesn’t cue very well, which is really frustrating.

And oh my goodness, I guess yoga stretched my foot out or something, the arch of my foot started cramping up and rolling it out on a tennis ball barely made a dent in the pain.


Woke up Thursday morning to a still very cramped up and upset right foot.  I’m gonna guess the culprit is a mix of yoga and the fact that maybe my foot/ankle are more angry at me than I thought from my little spill this past weekend.

Danny night.

One Round (3x):

1. 10 Turkish Get-ups (each side) 8 lb KB

2. 30 second saw plank with TRX

3. 100m goblet hold farmers carry (25 lbs)



Friday AM:  Had an early work meeting, so no workout this morning.

Friday PM: After the insane week I had at work….I just wanted to CRASH.


Danny.  I didn’t sleep well Friday night and this workout kicked my butt.

We did 4 rounds of the following with double KBs (8 lbs each):

1. 10 single leg KB rows (each side)

2. 10 KB split squats (each side)

3. 10 (?) KB high-pull and squat

4. 1 minute jump rope

Then I went home and had to do yard work since I’ve been neglecting it.  It was HOT on Saturday – I was sweating so bad my sunglasses were filling with sweat when I bent over! Not fun.   After that, I came in and did all the housework I’d been neglecting: 2 loads of laundry, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen, etc. It was quite a productive day!


Church in the morning, even though we only missed a week, it felt like an eternity.  Then Michael, Michael’s brother and I headed down to Elizabeth City to see his parents.  Did my grocery shopping then watched a million episodes of Naked and Afraid.  I decided that I’d never make it on that show.  I’d tap out on day one!

How were your workouts this week?  Have you ever watched Naked and Afraid?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 9/1

  1. I hope your foot feels better soon. Sometimes we need a break in workouts, I think I did a LOT last week and am taking it a bit easier this week myself. I’ve never watched Naked and Afraid… seems interesting though! I should find out when it’s on…

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