Weekly Update – 8/11


Monday AM:  Got up to run and was super sore.  Opted for a 2 mile walk.

Monday PM: Hatha yoga with Sue.  I was able to get a spot where I could see myself in the mirror.  I think it helped a lot with making sure my alignment was good.


Loved sleeping in! Danny night:

First Round (10-1):

1. Kettle bell swings (20 lbs)

2. Squat Jumps

(start with 10, then 9, 8, 7, etc)

Second Round (2x):

1. 3 minutes on the ReACT Trainer

2. 2 minutes jump rope

3. 1 minute stair runs with 14 lb medicine ball


Wed AM:  Getting up was really hard.  2 mile walk.  Rolled my foot on a tennis ball for awhile cause I was having heel pain again.

Wed PM:  Had a dream early Wednesday morning that I missed yoga which made me really upset. I made it to yoga but was upset anyway because Sue wasn’t teaching, and Jaye was.  I am not really a fan of her teaching style, which is why I usually opt not to take her classes.  This was supposed to be a vinyasa flow class….and I suppose it was, but it was ALL over the place.  And there were a lot of new people in there, and she was barely giving cues for anything (pet peeve). Sigh.


Danny time.  This workout felt pretty good.  Seriously love my trainer and the convos we have.

First Round (5 to 1):

1. Resistance Band squat and hold with double arm KB press (8 lb KBs)

2. Inchworm push-ups

Second Round (2x) 10 reps of each:

1. Kneeling to standing single arm KB press (8 lb) both sides

2. Plank position single arm dumb bell back row (10 lb) both sides

3. Resistance band hip opener each side


I treated myself to a day off of work.  Really, its because I have to use up my vacation time before November due to a massive work project.

Friday AM: Friday morning called for a run, but my body wasn’t having any of it.  Ended up doing an hour of yoga – self guided, no class for this girl!

Displaying photo.JPG

Yes, I know, yoga on carpet sucks.

Friday PM: Rest! Left for Chincoteague with the momma!


Complete rest day: Danny was not going to be available Saturday morning, which was actually kind of perfect, because mom and I decided to go up to Chincoteague at the spur of the moment.  More on that later 🙂


Rest day, sort of! Went to church and got a lot of errands done with Michael.  Ended up at my mom’s house for dinner, which was fantastic, as always.  So much for my “restful” weekend!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 8/11

  1. I feel you on instructor switch ups. There have been a few times that I’ve gone to a class and I feel like I’m wasting my time because the instructor is everywhere. I know they aren’t used to the class and it’s not their fault but it is so frustrating.

    • I think the frustrating part is that she regularly teaches yoga classes at this gym. I really think her teaching style is just that sporadic. Or maybe I just don’t like change. Not sure what. I think you are right though, they aren’t used to the class and its not entirely their fault. I think I need to give them a little more grace!

  2. Nice week! Keep up the good work! I got an unexpected sleep in on Sunday cause when I woke up to run, I was greeted with thunder and lightning, so back to bed it was! Had to make up for it the next day though.

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