Winter Race in the cards again?

Look, I know its August.  I know that we haven’t even gotten into the fall racing season – but this girl is looking forward to CHRISTMAS.

About a few weeks ago, I got some news at work that made me sad.  We have a huge project that will take place over the first weekend in December.  That meant that I would not be able to do a Christmas themed 10-miler that I really wanted to do.  It would have been my first 10 miler.  However, I was a bit nervous about doing a 10 miler only 2 weeks after my goal half-marathon (so I was secretly relieved).

But the wind has changed direction, and there were some big changes!  The race is now a 5 miler and changed weekends!  It’ll be on December 20th in VA Beach.  In addition to changing it to a 5 miler, they have made it an evening race, starting at 4:30pm.

I have mixed feelings about this change.  I LOVE that I can do it now, but am unsure how I feel about an evening race, that’ll be a new one for me.  I am indifferent about the race distance changing.  A 5 miler is still a new race distance for me (though I’m no stranger to an 8k), but I was really looking forward to the 10 miler.

Anyways – the Surfin Santa is back in the cards for me!

Do you have a Christmas themed race you like to do? Have you ever had a major change to a race you wanted to do?  Has work ever kept you from doing a race?


6 thoughts on “Winter Race in the cards again?

  1. I think that sounds like fun! There is a 5-miler right around Christmas here that I wasn’t able to do last year because it’s on a Saturday and I couldn’t get a babysitter (my husband works). This year I definitely want to do it though. I think it might be on the same day as yours!

  2. Hey, 5 milers are tough too! But that’s so cool! We don’t have any Xmas races around here, but we do have plenty of thanksgiving ones. I do enjoy holiday races. And don’t worry 430 is eeeearrrrly compared to some of the other night races. We have some here that start at 9pm. whaaat?

    • Oh I agree that they are tough! Just a tad easier than a 10 miler 🙂 Too bad there are no Christmas races near you – they are a lot of fun! 9pm is a really late start, unless its a fun run type of thing. I have never had to figure out how to fuel for a race that was not in the morning, so that’ll be interesting!

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