Types of Personal Trainers

My people watching at the gym is not limited to gym-goers, as I wrote about here. I also really love to watch trainers/class instructors and how they interact with their clients.  And because I’m totally biased and think my trainer is the best thing since sliced bread; I like to evaluate judge other trainers.  This is truly all in fun – all trainers are different and all clients are different.  All types serve their purpose for the need required.  They just amuse me 🙂

The Boxer

The Boxer uses boxing as his primary training method, no matter what the need of the client.  Sometimes he’s tall and Russian and reminds you of the Russian from Rocky.  Must be why he likes to box.

Crossfit Guy/Gal

The Crossfit Guy/Gal only uses Crossfit in their training.  They like to hoard the kettle bells. Their clients turn into Equipment Hoarders.  Crossfit Guy/Gal doesn’t last very long at a traditional gym.  They usually leave for a box that is better suited for their style.

The Dancer

The Dancer teaches Zumba classes at the gym.  She wears bright colored clothes and has a loud, extroverted personality.  The Dancer Trainer is much like the Dancer Gym-Goer and can be found dancing around the gym.

The Runner

The Runner likes to make their clients run.  Since they are tough-as-nails themselves, they expect the same out of their clients.  The Runner is also well rounded in other types of cross training.

Protein Man

The Protein Man recommends protein to all his clients.  Protein is always the answer.

The Rehaber

The Rehaber helps people with physical therapy when coming back from an injury or dealing with a chronic issue.  The Rehaber is often very gentle and encouraging.  While the Rehaber is such a necessary type, they don’t last long due to the nature of their clients and inability to drum up new business.

Chris Powell in Training

This trainer’s primary goal is to help people lose as much weight as possible.  He works his clients hard, and they work hard for him.  The Chris Powell in Training type can be combined with other trainer types.  Sometimes the Runner or the Good Guy/Gal.

The Good Guy/Gal

This trainer is an all around Good Guy or Good Gal.  Friendly, encouraging and just like the guy/girl next door.  This type of trainer is usually successful due to their good-natured manner, although they don’t typically put a whole lot of thought into individual programs for their clients.  They have a very cookie-cutter way of training. This type of trainer can be the type to become BFFs with all of their clients.  When they get together, they often turn into Socialites.  While they are the most pleasant of the bunch and establish great rapport with their clients, they don’t typically help their clients accomplish much.

Yoga Mom

The Yoga Mom is not like a soccer mom. The Yoga Mom is a yoga instructor who is sweet and loving.  All soft kittens and rainbows.  She’s like a mother figure and is loved by all.

The Dedicated One

Displaying photo.JPG

This is the only real picture in this post. Danny, hard at work!

The Dedicated One is the best trainer at the gym.  He’s the one who works extremely hard for his clients, but it often goes unnoticed.  He helps out other trainers.  He lives and breathes training.  Ok, so I’m biased, but seriously, this is the best kind of trainer.  I have the benefit of knowing a few trainers at my gym that fit in this category, but they are really a rare breed.  My trainer, Danny, is one of them.

What type of trainers have you encountered at your gym? Do you have a trainer (0r running coach)?


4 thoughts on “Types of Personal Trainers

  1. Did you take that photo of the protein man? I cannot stop laughing. My gym is pretty small so I see the same people all the time. Not here are only 2 trainers…this would be hilarious to watch at the YMCA next week.

    • I wish I did! I stole them from the internets. Its SO TRUE though. I swear some people love their protein more than their family! Seriously, watching trainers is almost as fun as watching gym-goers.

  2. No trainer 😦 unless you count my cats that accompany me post-run while I do stretches and recovery on the yoga mat when I get home haha

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