Crawlin Crab Training Check-In

I thought I’d check in and talk about how my training is going for the Crawlin Crab Half.  I’ve had to be careful to slowly get back into running since I haven’t been running at all.  Its hard to follow the 10% increase rule when you are starting at zero.

So to combat that, I’ve been doing run/walk intervals.  And when I’ve been doing that and my body cries uncle, I walk.  I have been doing run/walk intervals of 2:2.  This morning I ended up walking more than running because my shins weren’t having it.

Its really mentally tough when you know you can run more than you are doing, but you have to slowly build your mileage and the endurance in your legs.  My cardiovascular endurance is still there, thanks to my trainer, I just have to get my body to get re-used to the taxing effort of running.  C’mon legs, you remember how to run, I know you do. 

One really positive thing is that I’ve been able to get up early in the morning and run.  I am NOT a morning person, and getting up early is really difficult.  I’ve felt good about it though.  If I get the sleep that I need by going to bed early, its actually made me feel more energized, and I’m loving that.

The countdown on my phone is a constant reminder that we are about 2 months out and I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be at this point – and not much longer to get there.  I’m glad I have planned to walk/run the Crawlin Crab Half. That takes a load off my stress.

Anyway, nothing earth shattering, just wanted to write out what I was thinking about.

Is it hard for you to slowly build mileage after coming back from a running break? How is your training going?



10 thoughts on “Crawlin Crab Training Check-In

  1. Glad to hear you’re back to training chica! Training has been going well. I had a solid week last week and this week starts my 10 week build towards race #1 of the season. And yes I do find it hard to stay within the confines of my training program. Case and point my run yesterday was to be a 3 mile easy run @ 9:03 pace and I ended up going 5.5 miles @ 8:20-8:30ish pace. Race training excitement got the better of me. Today I did a better job of sticking to the schedule

    • I’m excited to see how this training cycle and race goes for you! Haha sounds like you got a bit excited on that run! Sometimes I think it all balances out. You’ll probably have a day where you swing the other way and don’t get your miles in. I’m such a type A person, I love my schedule. I am really starting to learn that you’ve got to listen to your body – and only stick to the schedule if its smart for your body!

  2. Starting at zero you can start more/less at 10 or so miles a week (just thinking about YOU personally). I’m really glad that you are able to start back your training again. i love to hear your running journey!

  3. The hardest part for adding mileage back in for me is that I WANT to run more. But then I know that would be stupid because I don’t want to hurt myself. I think you have plenty of time to slowly build up though. Great job getting up and out early in the morning too! That has always been a struggle for me.

  4. After taking time off for injury, I found that my endurance tanked more than my speed. I say to run/walk for a little while to build your endurance back. Don’t worry about pace, just worry about getting some miles in. You’re working out with a trainer so you’re still doing healthy activities and working out and being fit. But it’s a transition to go from one type of workout to another, too.

    And yeah- the toughest part for me was wanting to run more some days but knowing my body couldn’t handle it right then, even if it was a number of miles I could normally handle uninjured.

    • Yeah, I know that any mileage (even walking) is helping. I’m not worried about pace at all. The run/walk method has proven helpful. I’m definitely feeling more soreness in my hip girdle and low back that is unique to running!

      I really feel that running is like 90% mental. Holding yourself back is just as important as pushing yourself!

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