Weekly Update – 7/28

This week is the week I started an actual training plan for my fall half marathons, albeit a little late.  Better late than never!


Monday Morning: Other than races, I don’t get up early and run.  But on Monday I got up early and got in 2.5 miles before work 🙂 I did intervals with running/walking (2 min: 2 min).  I haven’t been regularly running, so I need to be careful.

Monday Night: Yoga night! Class seemed to go by pretty fast.  Did a lot of standing balance poses.  My favorite by far is Standing Bow. Oh! And my instructor does this thing with people in the class she’s familiar with, that she comes and stands on your feet when we are resting after Baby Cobra.  She FINALLY stood on my feet! I’m officially “in!”


Danny night.

Round One (3x):

1. Kneeling posture with resistance band – single arm row, rotate up, press, reverse (10 each side)

2. Yoga pushups (10)

3. Plank position, bring opposite knee to opposite elbow (10 each side)

Round Two (2x):

1. Single arm suitcase carry deadlift with 20 lb kettle bell (10 each side)

2. 20 goblet hold jump squats

3. 30 walking lunges with 6 lb medicine ball overhead


Note: I’m SO sore from Tuesday’s workout! My poor glutes!

Wednesday Morning: Got up early for a 2 mile run.  Turned into a 2 mile walk because my left heel was bothering me.  I hate to say I suspect PF, so I’ve been rolling my foot on a tennis ball and trying to wear supportive shoes.  Train smart, ya’ll.

Wednesday Night: Yoga.  Sue thought Monday’s hatha class was way too easy so she made Wednesday’s vinyasa class really hard.  I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in class!  Breaking news: I was able to do Half Moon for about 2.5 seconds! I’ll take it.


Danny night.  Felt pretty good about my workout.  Not a lot of rest breaks for this girl!

Three Rounds of the following:

1. TRX ab rollout (10)

2. TRX tabletop row (10)

3. Single arm 20 lb kettle bell row (10 each side)

4. 2o lb kettle bell swings (10)

5. Single arm resistance band press (10 each side)

6. Resistance band pushups (10)

7. Kneeling overhead medicine ball wall slams (10 each side)


Friday Morning: I was supposed to get up and run 3.5 miles.  However, when I got up out of bed, my low back was killing me.  I opted for a short 1 mile walk on the treadmill (something is better than nothing!) After a week of this new workout schedule I’m pretty beat.

Friday Night:  Well deserved REST.


So, the schedule called for a 3 mile run and workout with Danny, but it was WEDDING time for my cousin Abby and her fiance husband Kyle.  Michael and I traveled to Richmond for the day 🙂

Displaying image.jpeg

Yeah, we are obnoxious, get over it 🙂


It was nice to go to church and not have any responsibilities (I’m on the worship team most Sundays). We went to lunch afterwards and then checked out some really nice suites at a hotel near our wedding venue. It’ll probably be where we end up blocking room for our guests and also staying there ourselves.


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