Creatures of the Gym

It’s been a trend among some of my blogging friends recently to write a blog about the “types” of people you see at the gym.  People watching is one of my favorite past-times, so I have plenty of blog fodder.  Keep in mind, these are some stereotypes based on my gym.  There is a very specific grouping of people there, so you might have completely different types at yours! This is all in fun – please don’t take offense!

The Grunter

This person is very vocal during his workouts.  Because he’s likely to have his headphones in, he doesn’t know that he’s grunting or hissing on his reps.  The Grunter often is guilty of dropping his weights.

The Stretcher

The Stretcher is typically a teenage girl.  She comes in and spends about 20 minutes on the stretching mat and does a few ab exercises, then leaves.

The Dancer

The Dancer typically dances around with her headphones in. Sometimes she dances/struts while she’s walking on the treadmill. Get it, girl!

The Singer

Like the Dancer, the Singer usually walks around with headphones in, sometimes singing out loud, sometimes just lip syncing.  Props to them for being so bold!

The Classmate

The Classmate only takes classes at the gym.  They are never there to workout on their own.  Sometimes the Classmate will do a group training session.  They frequently “save spots” for each other in crowded workout classes.

The Die-Hard

The Die-Hard is always there. You go to the gym at 7pm, he’s there.  ram, he’s there.  You go in the middle of your day on your day off, around 2:30pm, he’s there.  The Die-Hard is like the mailman….and the gym no matter what the weather!

The Socialite

The Socialite spends more time socializing than working out.  Sometimes they have the best of intentions, but always seem to run into someone they know. They are also the ones who will text 15 minutes of a 2o minute ab class.  They typically are dressed to impress!

The Spinners

The Spinners live in the spin room and take all the classes.  If there isn’t a class going on, you can find them on the spin bikes for an hour at a time, just pouring sweat!

The Couple

The Couple is never seen apart.  They take turns on machines.  The Man is often seen coaching the Woman.  Sometimes they look like they despise each other.

The Real Slim Shady

The Real Slim Shady wears several layers and usually a hood over his head to promote more sweating.  He is extremely intense; headphones blaring, and you can often see him nodding along with his music.

The Sweat-Flinger

The Sweat-Flinger has no concept of how much he sweats.  You don’t want to be within a two-treadmill radius of him.

The Equipment Hoarder

The Equipment Hoarder takes ALL the kettle-bells/free weights/medicine balls of a reasonable weight and hordes them in one area.  With machines, they drape a towel over it and walk away and say they are still using it. Sometimes the Hoarder is a trainer. When you approach them to ask for one, they say they are using it.  Because everyone can use 5 kettle-bells at one time.

The Box-Jumper

The Box-Jumper only does box jumps.  Sometimes he lines them up in a row and jumps over them, instead of on them.  He is lighter than air.

The Bro & His Wingman

The Bro & His Wingman are a lot like The Couple.  Except they insist on talking over their headphones and driving everyone around them crazy.  They coach each other and call each other derogatory names when they have trouble with a particular workout.  They constantly look around or speak loudly for all to hear for validation.  They usually have smelly feet.


Does about 2 reps of each exercise. Spends more time getting situated or setting up to do an exercise than actually doing it. Tries to seem casual about reaching up to do a single pull-up, then moves on to the next.

The Informer

The Informer likes to tell you when you are doing something wrong.  “That is the wrong mat,” or “Make sure you have a bend in your knees.” I haven’t decided if they secretly want to be trainers or they just like voicing their opinion.

The Predictable Planner

The Predictable Planner comes in two varieties.  The first are the people who are predictable in that they do the same workout EVERY time they come in.  5 miles on treadmill, abs.  The other type is those who have a “day” for working out muscle groups.  Oh, he’s doing legs, must be Tuesday!

What “types” of people do you have at your gym? Do you have any of the above?


11 thoughts on “Creatures of the Gym

  1. We definitely have some of those! Although I think I qualify as a “classmate” because I primarily use the gym for classes because my other workout is running. I wouldn’t lift weights very much if they didn’t have a class for it, though. We do have some people in the classes who save bikes, weight benches, “spots”, etc for others too.

    • I don’t mind people saving spots if there is a lot of room, but people get turned away from classes that are “at capacity” because of people saving seats. It frustrates me a bit! But I feel like I’m in the classmate category a lot. I do take a lot of classes 🙂

  2. I love people watching in the gym. We have had a lot of grunters and singers lately. Ugh I have to do an updated post post because we have had some weirdos.

    • Uh oh – weirdos aren’t good. What is nice about all the people on this list, is they are perfectly harmless and being in one of these categories is not a BAD thing – just a type! I’m curious to hear about these weirdos now…

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